My Little Gem

When Gemma goes back to school she is caught off guard. She worked hard all summer for a fit body, but wasn't excpecting this big of a reaction. Everyone is at awe, thinking she is a new girl at first, but quickly realizing it is her. Her own friends don't recognize her at first, Well all of them except Izzy, her best friend. She is a junior and still has never been in a relationship. Will this transformation be all she needs to grab someone's attention?

Kye, the new boy. He has always been fawned over because of his looks. His parents move and he is put in a new school. He is expecting hate it, but finds there are a lot of cool people there. What he wasn't expecting was to see a girl and want her so bad, on his first day. He had always been the school bad boy and never cared to much about anyone. They where just another fling. But somehow he new that she was different, and was going to do anything to keep her. But was so,done going to stand in there way? Read to find out


9. Chapter 9

Gemma's P.O.V.


"Well the first thing I heard was Sasha being all weird and slutty with you, something about her being better than me, the virgin, then I looked in the kitchen and you guys where skiing, and she just smirked at me and I lost it." I tell him, "I was so hurt that you where just standing there with your hands on her, you could've done something, but you didn't." I say softly, looking down at my hands.

"I did do something though, I pushed her off of me, I was disgusted with what happened." He tells me, tipping my chin up so I can look at him.

"But then you came into my room and talked to me like nothing had happened, you didn't even say anything in the letter." I whisper yell.

"I didn't want to tell you if you didn't even know it happened!" He defends.

"So you were just going to hide it from me!?" I say in disbelief.

"I was going to tell you, I just didn't know how to." He says quietly.

"Just tell me exactly what happened." I say trying to control my temper.

"You left and she asked me to help her get something from the kitchen, I helped her but then she got all weird, and tried to force herself on me.  I was so surprised when she kissed me that it took me a second to understand what was happening, and then I told her to get the hell out," he pauses and runs his hand through his hair, "That's when I came to your room." He finishes.

"You where awake that whole time?" He asks.

"Well yeah, I had to fake it because I wasn't expecting you to come into my room," I explain, "What part of, do not disturb, do you not understand?"

"I was just trying to make sure you where ok Ems." He counters.  I don't say anything else, and stare at my hands instead.

"Please believe me Ems." Kye begs, "I promise I didn't want it to happen, I didn't like it at all, I felt so bad, I was going to tell you." He rambles on.

"I believe you." I say softly.  He stops his rambling, and I look up at him.

"What?" He asks in disbelief, questioning if he heard me correctly.

"I believe you Kye-kye." I am suddenly wrapped in a hug.

"Thank you." He says into my hair, "thank you so much Ems." He sighs.  I return the hug, and we sit on the ground hugging each other, saying nothing, until we hear the school bell ring.

"Do you want to go to a new café I found tonight?" Kye asks.

"Sure, that sounds like fun!" I respond happily.

"You can bring Izzy and James if you want." He adds.

"Oh, um, I think they have plans tonight." I respond, trying not to make it obvious we weren't exactly seeing eye to eye.

"Ok, I'll just text you the address then." Kye says pulling out his phone.

"And I will unblock your number." I add with a grin.  Kye rolls his eyes and begins typing in the address.  As soon as I unblock his number his newest text comes in, along with several old ones.

I should read those later.

I change Kye's contact name to Kye-kye, just to annoy him if he ever looks through my phone.

"Meet you there at seven?" He asks, biting his lip.

"Sure, seven sounds great," I reach out and tug on his lip.  He grabs my hand as soon as it leaves his lip.  He kisses the back of my hand before saying,

"You are amazing, you know it Ems."  I blush in response, and tug my hand out of his grasp..

"See ya tonight." I say before turning around and heading towards my truck.  I get in my truck and pull out of the schools parking lot.  I am driving down a little backroad to get to my house and decide to look through the old messages Kye sent me.


Unblock me please


Wait you won't see this


I am going to get unblock-able numbers... if they exist



You looked smokin' telling those boys off today


You probably won't ever read these so I am just going to say it...


Gotcha, I know you will ask me about it now if we ever talk again


Evil, he is evil.

You probably are thinking of ways to kill me right now



Ems, I think I have fallen for you, and I will always protect you no matter what happens, even from your father



I read that last one and sadly smile.  I glance at the road just as a car goes to pass me.  Who in their right mind passes someone on a hill, on gravel?  The car stays next to me, and as I am about to look at the idiot who is driving next to me, their car veers into my truck shoving me into the ditch.  My truck tries to stay upright, but falls on its side.  I try to unbuckle myself, but my seat belt is stuck.  I reach across and open my glove box grabbing my pocket knife.  I cut myself free, and fall onto the passenger door.  The glass cuts into my skin.  The front windshield is extremely cracked, so I begin kicking it.  It gives way and I am able to crawl through it.  Just as I get through the windshield something hard comes down on my back.  I collapse, and turn my neck to see what happened.  I see my a familiar face holding a baseball bat above his head, getting ready to strike me again.

My father.

The baseball comes down on me again, and I cry out in pain.

"What are you doing?" I cry out.

"Making you pay, and don't think it will end here." He growls.

"Please stop!" I plead, as he brings the baseball bat down on me again.  He bends down and pulls me into my feet roughly.  I am about half an inch shorter than him, making it hard for him to intimidate me.

"You are pathetic." He spats, before landing a punch on my temple.  Just before I hit the ground, I am swallowed by darkness.


Kye's P.O.V.



"She is thirty minutes late, maybe she canceled." I mutter to myself, disappointed.  Just as I am going to leave, my phone starts ringing.


Ems is calling...


I quickly press the answer button and put the phone up to my ear.

"Ems are you ok, where are you at?" I ask worriedly, "you were supposed to meet me here thirty minutes ago." I softly scold.  I hear a whimper on the other end and stop talking.

"Hello Kye." A males voice says.

"What the hell are you doing with Gemma?" I growl.

"I would suggest being nice to me if you ever want to see her again." He warns.

"Who are you?" I ask a little more calmly.

"I am sure Emma has told you about me," He says, I can hear the smirk on his face, "last time I saw her, let's say it was a violent encounter."

"Her father." I mutter.

"Good to see she has fallen for someone with brains." He muses, "now, if you want to ever see her again you will stay far away from her, otherwise, let's just say the consequences won't be pleasant for either of you."

"You can't control my life anymore father." I hear Ems spat at him.  I hear a loud thump, and Gemma cries out in pain.  I clench my jaw, and stop myself from saying something that will make it worse.

"Says the girl who is tied up in her own basement." He says lowly.  Oh gosh, she is tied up.

Wait, he said in her OWN basement.

"When will you let her go?" I ask.

"Seventy two hours." He says.

"Fine." I respond back harshly before hanging up.  I quickly dial 911, and report a kidnapping.  They ask me to come into the station.

When I get to the station they listen to the call, and trace the phone.  Sure enough it is from her own house.  They dispatch a team to go and get her, and have me go with one of the cops.

"Is she going to be alright?" I ask quietly.  The female officer driving, looks at me in the review mirror.

"I will do everything in my power to keep her safe, but we could be walking into a trap for all we know." She responds, giving me a sad smile.  We pass a truck that is on its side in the ditch.  I immediately recognize it.

Gemma's truck.

"Oh my god." I groan.

We pull into her driveway, and the police officers have me stay in the car.  Marie, the female officer, hooked up a camera so I could watch what was happening.

The officers walk through the entrance of Gemma's familiar house.  They search the rooms quickly and quietly, before making their way downstairs into the basement.  When they get there the door is locked, and you can hear muffled screams and cries coming from the other side if the door.  They bust the door down and see Gemma's father sitting on a blood splattered chair, smiling wickedly.

"Where is she!" Marie yells.

"Wouldn't you like to know." He says maliciously, "why don't you ask your little tattle tale about his father." He sneers.

My father?  What does he have to do with any of this.

"He wanted her, now he has her." He says simply.  I notice he is holding something in his hand.  He lifts it up and I realize it is a walkie-talkie.

"Hear that lover boy?" He asks looking straight at the camera, "that is her, her screams, her cries, her pain." He stops before turning up the volume, the speaker in the police car amplifying her terror.

"And it is all because of you."  With that he pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head, blood splattering across the room.  I whip out my phone and call my father.

"I was expecting a call from you." I hear my father say confidently from the other side, "when where you going to tell me about this little beauty of yours Kye?"

"Never." I state matter-of-factly.

"Well that's not nice, why wouldn't you tell me son?" His father says, acting surprised.

"You know exactly why." I spat back.

"Meet me at the old warehouse in exactly 30 minutes if you ever want her to see the light of day again." He says coldly, "and come alone." He warns.  I hang up, and crawl out of the cop car.  I spot a truck parked behind a barn and rush over to it.

When I reach the truck it is obvious that someone has been working on it, but nonetheless it has gas in it.  I start it and it roars to life.  I blow out of the driveway and make my way towards the warehouse.

Twenty five minutes later I have found myself in front of the old warehouse, bad memories suddenly resurfacing.  I shake my head to clear the memories away.  I turn off the truck before exiting it and running to the door.

"I thought you wouldn't show up to be honest." My father says once I get inside the warehouse.

"I would be crazy if I didn't." I respond, my eyes searching the darkness for Ems, "where is she?" I sharply.

"Now now, sit down, we have some things to talk about." He says gesturing to a chair opposite of his.  I hesitantly sit down.

"What is it you find so necessary to talk about?" I ask coldly.

"You where ten years old, your brother killed her, you said." My father starts.  I realize where he is going with this, and my eyes go wide.

"Fath-." I am cut off.

"DON'T INTERRUPT ME OR SHE IS AS GOOD AS DEAD!" He yells at me.  I close my mouth, allowing him to continue.

"What you didn't tell me was that you where there with him when he did it." He says scarily calmly, "you could've stopped him but you didn't even try." He says rage slowly building in his voice.

"He would've killed me father." I say defensively.

"But then she might still be alive!" He says completely engulfed in rage now, "your mother meant the world to me, but you didn't even try to save her!" He huffs.  I bite my quivering lip, remembering the day.  I felt so useless when it happened.

"Do you know why I brought you here Kye?" He says glaring at me, "because this is where your brother killed her."  Suddenly a light turns on a couple yards away from me.  Gemma sat tied and gagged to a chair in the small spot light.

"And this is where I will kill her." He says before pulling out a gun pointing it at Gemma.

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