My Little Gem

When Gemma goes back to school she is caught off guard. She worked hard all summer for a fit body, but wasn't excpecting this big of a reaction. Everyone is at awe, thinking she is a new girl at first, but quickly realizing it is her. Her own friends don't recognize her at first, Well all of them except Izzy, her best friend. She is a junior and still has never been in a relationship. Will this transformation be all she needs to grab someone's attention?

Kye, the new boy. He has always been fawned over because of his looks. His parents move and he is put in a new school. He is expecting hate it, but finds there are a lot of cool people there. What he wasn't expecting was to see a girl and want her so bad, on his first day. He had always been the school bad boy and never cared to much about anyone. They where just another fling. But somehow he new that she was different, and was going to do anything to keep her. But was so,done going to stand in there way? Read to find out


6. Chapter 6

Kye's P.O.V.


"Are you ready for our date?" I ask Em, ready to get going.

"Yes, I just have to tell Iz something, and I will be right back." She responds, glancing at the doorway.

"Ok, I will be waiting here." She smiles at me before leaving.

I wait, and after a short while I hear Izzy's excited shouts.  I chuckle, only imagining what my sweet little Ems did to make her so happy.  I hear someone clear their throat behind me, and remember Sasha is still here.

"Can you help me Kye?" She asks sweetly.  Sickeningly sweetly.

"With what Sasha?" I question, quirking my brow.

"I need to get something out of the tall cupboard in the kitchen and I can't reach it." She pouts.

"Get a chair." I suggest.

"Ugh, would you just come help me, and be a gentleman!" She huffs impatiently.

"I am only a 'gentleman' to Em, otherwise I am the same bad boy jerk I have always been." I retort.

"Fine, I will tell Gemma you where treating me poorly, and then she will have to be on her friends side."

"Oh good lord, now you are blackmailing me?" I sigh, rolling my eyes.  She sends me a victorious smile.

"Yes I am, now get your fine ass in the kitchen and help me." She says before leaving to go into, what I am assuming is, the kitchen.

When we reach the room, it is indeed the kitchen.

"There." She points at a corner cupboard that is touching the ceiling.  I reach up and open the cupboard.

"What do you want from it?" I ask, eyeing the things in the cupboard.  I then hear the front door open, then shortly after, close.  Gemma, I realize, she is probably looking for me, or waiting in the car.

"I want the frosting." She says 'seductively'.  I am taken aback by this and quickly shut the cupboard, hitting my fist into the corner accidentally.  I grunt from the impact.

"What's wrong Kye." Sasha says, dragging out my name.  I liked it when Ems said it, but when anyone else said it?  It just sounded wrong, and revolting.  I turn around so I am facing her.

"What do you actually want?" I growl.

"You." She says dragging her fingers down my chest.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I spat shoving her  hand away, "I have a date to get to Sasha, goodbye." I say pushing past her.  She grabs my arm, stopping me.

"You know you want me." She purrs, "I can give you so much more than that pathetic virgin ever could." She adds.  Did she really just call her 'friend' pathetic.  My date?  The resident of this house?  What a sad excuse for a human.

"I don't think that is a good idea Sasha, please, I need to get going to my date." I repeat.

"Enough about that stupid date." She whispers harshly so that only I can hear her.  Not that anybody else is here.  When I tug against her to leave she speaks up again,

"Fine but if you want to leave you have to do one thing for me." She says with a mischievous glint in her eye.  Anything to get away from her.

"Gladly, anythin-" I am cut off by her lips smashing into mine.  I put my hands on her shoulder, in an effort to push away, but she locks her arms around me.  I feel her smirk against my lips.  Pulled out of my shock, I forcefully push myself away from her.  She gasps, as she staggers backwards, falling onto her butt.

"You are an asshole!" She yells at me, before storming out of the house.  I hear a door slam shut somewhere, and I assume it was just Sasha.  I peek out the window in the front enterance and see she isn't in the car.  I make my way up the stairs stopping at her door.  On the door is a sticky note that reads,


I am sorry to inform you that I cannot attend our date tonight for I have become ill.  I am trying to sleep so please do not disturb.




I walk into her room ignoring the do not disturb part of her note.

"Ems?" I say quietly, not seeing her.  I see a stationary set on her desk and walk over to it, grabbing a piece of paper.  I quickly scribble out,

Your handwriting is as beautiful as you.  Friends are precious, choose the ones who will love you unconditionally.  Feel better soon.  And always remember, whether you think you can or can't, you are right.

(That was by Henry Ford).


Btw: I think you can feel better.


I quickly place it in an envelope.

"Ems," I call out again.  I then see her laying on her bed wearing only yoga pants and a sports bra.

"Oh." Is all that comes out.  I am surprised by her six pack that is on display, and her muscles that are being defined so well by her pants.  I go to her bed, placing the letter on her nightstand.  I sit on the edge of the bed next to her.  I slide my knuckles down her cheek, mesmerized by this sleeping beauty.  I watch as a tear slips down the side of her face.  She must be having an unpleasant dream.

"Don't cry." I whisper to her, wiping the tear away.  I kiss her forehead before saying,

Sleep well Ems, I will see you tomorrow to reschedule our date." Not only do I want to reschedule our date, but I also can't wait to see her again.  I stand up, and leave her room, quietly shutting her door.  I get into my car, reaching my house in about 5 minutes.  I decide now would be the perfect time to text Ems, to make sure she is ok.


Hope you feel better soon!


Read my letter


I wince after sending that one, it sound too demanding.



I decide to add that.


You woke me up you bosom wipe


I chuckle.  She just called me a boob wipe, what the fuck?


Bosom wipe?


You think I am a boob wipe?



I meant butt wipe now shut up


Someone must not be in a good mood since I woke her up.


You must not be a fun person to be around when you are sick



I'm not sick idiot


Ok.... wait what?  First of all she called me an idiot, ouch.  Secondly, what does she mean she isn't sick.







Nope, she can't just brush it off like that.  Besides, she doesn't ever use the word goodbye, it isn't in her vocabulary.


Don't say goodbye, say until next time


I remind her.

You don't like goodbyes remember 😂


Hopefully she doesn't think I am making fun of her.


Goodbye Kye


There she goes using that word again.  Why is she trying to get rid of me.  I feel like I am missing something.


Wait what....



I'm not sorry


What the hell does that mean?


Gemma, what is wrong?


Message failed to send

What the hell is going on.  I click on message info.

Contact 'Gemma 😋😍😘' has blocked your contact.


"You have got to be shitting me." I shout, smacking my hand in the steering wheel of my car.

Calling Izzy....


"What do you want?  You are supposed to be on a date Kye!" Iz scolds over the phone.  She is going to be a good parent one day.

"Ems canceled on me." I state trying to hide my frustration and anger.

"Umm, why?" Iz asks, obviously very confused.

"She said she was sick and then she said this..." I send her a screenshot of the conversation.

"Well shit..." I hear Iz mutter.

"My thoughts exactly." I mutter back.

"I am going to go over there right now, she is out of her fucking mind, she is so smitten with you and she is just to nervous to go with you, she is going to be the death of me." She rambles.  I smirk after hearing her say Ems is smitten with me.  Such a funny word to have in your vocabulary.

"Why are you smirking?" She interrogates.

"How the hell do you know I am smirking?" I say, slightly freaked out.  I look around my vehicle searching for any signs of Izzy.

"I can just tell, and no I am not stalking you." She says.

Well all right then.

"I have to go, I am almost to Emma's house, meet me here in about ten minutes if you want to talk to her." Then she hangs up.  I start my car and begin my drive back to Ems's house.


Isabella's P.O.V.


"I have to go, I a, almost to Emma's house." I say to Kye, before hanging up.

"That girl is crazy, what the hell got into her?" I shout to no one.  I pull into her driveway, looking at the dark house.  Em's curtains are pulled open.  She has always preferred natural lighting to artificial lighting.  I go to the door and ring the doorbell.  When nobody answers, I walk in anyway.  I go to her room gripping to handle tightly, trying to calm my self down so I don't get her in a worse mood.  I twist the doorknob but I doesn't  budge.

"What the hell?" I whisper to myself.  I knock softly on the door.

"Go away!" I hear a crying Gemma croak at me from the other side of the door.

"Please Em, it's me Z, please open the door."  I don't hear anything for a moment and am about to knock again when the door opens.

"What do you want?" Em asks looking at the floor.  I am shorter than her by several inches, so I can see her tear stained face.

"Em, what is wrong?" I ask trying to lift her chin, so I could meet her eyes.

"Why are you here?" She asks harshly.

"I just got off the phone with a frustrated, sexually confused, worried male named Kye." I say, she looks at me, new tears flowing down her face, "care to explain why you ditched him saying you where sick, told him you weren't sick once he got home, and then blocked his number?" Em doesn't respond.

"How could you treat him like that!?  He likes you so much, and you just crushed him!  What happened to you?  Why are you all of a sudden being a bitch!?"  I scream at her.  Tears start streaming down her face rapidly.

"He was kissing Sasha in the kitchen." She says softly.  All my anger at her melts and turns into guilt and confusion.

"What do you mean, he was kissing Sasha?  When?" I ask.

"Right after you left when I went downstairs, she was all over him then she just, kissed him, he didn't even stop her." She says dejectedly, "I thought he could change, stop being a player, I thought he DID change, but I was wrong."

"Does he know you saw?" I ask gently.

"I don't think so, he came into my room after while I was, umm, 'sleeping', and gave me a letter and was being all sweet while I was 'sleeping'." She responds, "he acted like nothing happened, and I will not let my first anything be with someone like that, I refuse to let that happen." She says wiping at her tears.

"Where's the letter?" I say, wanting to see what he wrote.  She points to her desk, and I retrieve the letter, sitting down beside her before opening it.


Your handwriting is almost as beautiful as you.  Friends are precious, choose the ones that will love you unconditionally.  Feel better soon.  And always remember, wether you think you can or can't you are right.

(That was by Henry Ford)


Btw: I think you can feel better.


"I'm sorry but what inspired him to write this?" I hear Em mutter.  I chuckle, as her phone lights up.  When she sees the message her face drops, and she begins crying yet again.

"What does it say?"


Please tell me what I did wrong.  I think I might be falling for you Ems.


Unknown number


"You have got to be kidding me!" I shout, making Em flinch back, "he acts so innocent but he is SO far from that!" Just then I hear the doorbell, and someone entering the house.

"Ems?" Kye's voice calls out, Iz?"  We watch the door as his footsteps near.  There is a soft knock at the door.

"Girls?  Are you in here?  Can I come in?" Kye asks softly as he begins to open the door.

"NO!" Em shouts, her eyes filling with tears again.  The door stops moving.

"Ems?  What's wrong?" Kye asks worriedly.  Filling with rage I march up to the door, opening it enough that he can see me, but not Em.

"Get the hell out of here right now Kye." I seethed.

"Why?  What's wrong?  Why is Ems crying?" Kye asks, trying to get inside the room.

"Just leave, she doesn't want to see you right now, I promise." I growled.

"Just let me talk to her, I need to know what I did wrong." He pleaded.  I walked into the hallway slamming the door shut behind me.

"I'll tell you what you did wrong." I say shoving his chest, "you had to be a fuck boy and get all over Sasha in THIS house!" I yelled at him, "Em is innocent okay, she was trying to be nice to you by telling you she was sick, but she is broken in there right now, she is scared of being with anybody not just because of her father." I pause trying to control myself, "but also because there are people out there like you." I accuse.  His expression falls into complete and total guilt and regret.

"Please let me talk to her." He whispers.

"Get the fuck out now." I say lowly one last time, before turning around and entering the room, locking the door behind me.  I hear him let out a sigh, and punch the wall before leaving.  I turn around and see Em sitting in her window seat, staring out the window with a blank expression on her face.

"He didn't even deny it." She whispers, watching his car drive off.

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