My Little Gem

When Gemma goes back to school she is caught off guard. She worked hard all summer for a fit body, but wasn't excpecting this big of a reaction. Everyone is at awe, thinking she is a new girl at first, but quickly realizing it is her. Her own friends don't recognize her at first, Well all of them except Izzy, her best friend. She is a junior and still has never been in a relationship. Will this transformation be all she needs to grab someone's attention?

Kye, the new boy. He has always been fawned over because of his looks. His parents move and he is put in a new school. He is expecting hate it, but finds there are a lot of cool people there. What he wasn't expecting was to see a girl and want her so bad, on his first day. He had always been the school bad boy and never cared to much about anyone. They where just another fling. But somehow he new that she was different, and was going to do anything to keep her. But was so,done going to stand in there way? Read to find out


5. Chapter 5

Kye's P.O.V.


"I am so happy she said yes!" I say giddily.

"What the hell did you expect her to say, and why are you acting like a girl?" James retorts, annoyed with my happiness.

"Who pissed in your Cheerios?" I ask him, offended by his lack of emotion.

"Iz told me she couldn't go on a date with me tonight because of your guy's date."

"Ok..." I say not sure why this was a big deal.

"We were going to go see a movie." He continues, as if I should understand.

"Again, ok..."

"It was going to be a really freaking good movie dude!" He exclaims frustrated.

"You, my friend, need to get over yourself." I say patting his back.

"Fine, but you can't come crying to me when Em cancels a date with you." James scoffs.  I simply roll my eyes at him and sigh.

"If there is a second date." I add.

"Trust me, there is going to be a second date, unless you do something stupid." James reassures.

"I am going to fail." I groan.

"What do you have planned?"

"I was going to take her to a restaurant somewhere in the city, then I wasn't sure what else, maybe a boat ride on the water." I say, thinking it would be perfect.

"Nope, bad idea." James says without any further comments.

"Excuse me?" I challenge.  His cockiness dials down at the tone of my voice, but he explains himself anyways.

"For one, Em prefers small in town restaurants, nothing in the city unless it is a movie." I nod, allowing him to continue, "also, she is terrified of boats, especially when she can't see what is going on all around her 24/7, so I don't think a boat ride in the dark will do ya much good there buddy." He finishes, looking down at his phone, furiously typing something.  Well I guess I was wrong about my plan being perfect.

"Ok, thank you for your input." I thank, before getting up to leave my room.

"Wait, you still need to get ready."

"Your point?" I ask irritated I was proven wrong, just moments ago.

"What are you planning on wearing?" James questions, ignoring my question."

"Dress pants, a tux, I don't know, something nice." Comes spilling out of my mouth .

"That's my point." Is all he says before going into my closet to grab some clothes. When he reemerges he is holding some  dark blue jeans, deep maroon t-shirt, white converse, and a leather jacket.

"Ok, so I definitely needed your help with my outfit." I point out, "but did you have to make me look like a stereotypical bad boy?" I asked amused by his choice.

"Bro, you dress like this everyday, except for the T-shirt." James reminds me.  I mutter I quick shut up before changing into my outfit.  I feel pretty normal in it and am actually quite excited for the date, even though I have no clue what we are going to do anymore.


Gemma's P.O.V.


"What are you going to wear?  Where are you going?  What are you doing for makeup?  Can I do your makeup?  I am going to do your makeup.  What about hair?  Never mind I will deal with that.  Here try this on." Iz is speaking so fast I give up even listening.

"English please?" I mutter while looking at the outfit she handed me, "Um, no, not happening." I say stubbornly.  Suddenly Iz stops moving.

"What do you mean, 'not happening?'" Iz asks narrowing her eyes at me.

"This outfit I am not wearing it, it is too nice, I am going to wear something more 'comfortable'" I tell her, leaving her dumbfounded.

"I'm still doing your hair and makeup." I hear her mutter once I disappear into my closet.  I rummage through my stuff until I find the perfect outfit.  I emerge from the closet showing Iz the outfit.  She squeals, throwing herself at me.

"It's perfect for you!  I am so proud that you actually have a good taste!"

"Hey!" I punch her arm lightly. 

"Sometimes I wonder my friend." She mumbles.  I scoff and begin putting the outfit on.  It is a yellow and white floral off the shoulder top, with jean shorts, and white converse, paired with a simple silver necklace.  I glance in the mirror, admiring my taste.  Just as I am about to tease Iz for doubting me she yanks me into a chair, and begins doing my hair.

"What are you doing to it?" I ask.  She has finished curling my hair, and I feel multiple things being stabbed into my head.

"I am pinning your hair up into a halo braid, chill out." She mumbles since her mouth is filled with bobby pins.  She quickly finishes my hair, and glances at her phone.

"HOLY SHIT!  We only have half an hour to get your makeup done!" Iz screeches.

"Iz, let me do my makeup, you go downstairs and wait for Kye, he will more than likely get here early."

"Are you sure?" She asks skeptically looking at the makeup bag in my hand.

"Yes, I will be fine, now go." I order.  She nods her head hesitantly, and slowly leaves my room.  I go into my bathroom, placing myself in front of the mirror.  I put a very light amount of mascara on, and a little bit of blush to highlight my cheekbones.  I brush my teeth until they sparkle, then make my way downstairs.  I hear conversing in the living room and slowly make my way in.  I see Iz standing there with Sasha and Kye.

"Oh, hey Sasha, what brings you here?" I ask.

"I just thought I would stop by, nice hair by the way." She compliments.  Iz narrows her eyes at me and marches up to me.

"What the hell did I teach you about makeup,  you don't have to hide it." She scolds my little bit of makeup.

"But Iz, I don't like to wear makeup, you know that." I murmur.

" You look amazing." Kye chimes in.  I send him a smile, over Izzy's  shoulder.

"Thank you Kye." I say, throwing Iz a victorious smirk.  I hear Iz huff, and storm away from me.  I approach Kye.

"Any idea what is wrong with her?" I question, glancing at the doorway she just went through.

"James is being grouchy and told her he was going on there date solo, and she is mad because now she has to watch the movie alone some other time.  I nod my head, slowly understanding what is going on.

"You look great by the way." He says huskily into my ear.

"You already told me that." I remind him.  He smirks,

"I am aware of that, but I feel like I should tell you more often." I give him a shy smile, and look down at my hands.  He tips my chin up to him.

"Are you ready for your our date?"

"Yes, I just have to tell Iz something, and I will be right back."

"Ok, I will be waiting here." I smile before leaving.  I begin climbing the stairs when I remember Sasha is still here.  Maybe I should tell her to come with me upstairs. I think to myself, worried about her motives for coming here.  No, it's fine, she is my friend, so if Kye, I trust them. I reassure myself.  I reach my bedroom door and here Iz cursing.  I slowly open mine door.

"Iz?" I call out.

"What do you want?"

"What are you doing tomorrow?" I ask.

"Nothing, why." She asks with both curiosity and irritation in her voice.

"Well I am going to go see this movie tomorrow, and I have an extra ticket...." I trail off, "I'm pretty sure it is the one James wanted to see, and I wanted to know who you thought I should invite to come with me." I finish.  She jumps off the bed and launches herself at me.


"Of course Iz." I chuckle.

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" She says giving me one last squeeze, "now go, you have a date to get to." I smile, and rush down the stairs.  I enter the living room only to find it empty.  He must be in the car waiting.  I go out to the car and still don't see him.  Strange.  Just then I hear a grunt come from the kitchen.

I am just about to walk into the kitchen when I hear two voices drift out from it.

"You know you want me." Sasha purrs, "I can give you so much more than that pathetic virgin ever could." She continues.

"I don't think that is a good idea Sasha, please, I need to get going to my date." Kye impatiently responds.

"Fine but if you want to leave you have to do one thing for me." Sasha says mischievously.

"Gladly, anythin-" He is cut off by something.  I peek into the kitchen and see Kye's back to me.  His hands on Sasha's shoulders, while Sasha is kissing him madly.  Sasha sees me out of the corner of her eye and smirks.  Before she can do anything else I turn around, running into my room.  Tears begin to fall from my eyes quickly.  As soon as I enter my room I grab a sticky note and write,


I am sorry to inform you that I cannot attend our date tonight for I have become ill.  I am trying to sleep so please do not disturb.



I put it on the outside of my door, before slamming it behind me.  I take of my outfit, replacing it with a sports bra, and some yoga pants.  I lay on my bed crying quietly.

"Why are you crying over him, you met him like a week ago." I scold myself.  With that I stop crying, and put my walls up.  This time making sure I lock the doors and block the windows.

"Good luck getting me to open up now suckers." I mutter under my breath, pissed with everyone.  I hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and I quickly lay down, pretending to sleep.  Just in case.  I hear the sticky note being taken off my door, then my door creaks open.

"Ems?" Kye's voice echoes through my room.

What part of, 'please do not disturb' does he not understand?

"Ems, oh." His voice echoes again.  I realize my top half is only covered in a sports bra.  Oops.  I feel him is it next to me and run his knuckles down the side of my face.  I accidentally let a tear slide down my face.  Hopefully he just mistakes it for a sad dream.

"Don't cry." He whispers, wiping the tear away.  I feel his lips come in contact with my forehead.

"Sleep well Ems, I will see you tomorrow so we can reschedule our date." He whispers.  My bed raises back up, telling me he is gone.  That, and the lack of heat.  As soon as my door closes I sit up.  I notice a letter on my nightstand.

Leave it be Gemma, don't look at it, ignore it. I coach.  I hear his car leave, and I open my bedroom door.  My stomach growls, and I head towards the kitchen.  I stop myself before entering.  Do not go in there Gemma, you remember what happened in there.  Tears sting my eyes again.

"Shut up stupid conscience."  I turn and walk into the living room instead, turning on Netflix.  I scroll through the movies, and am just about to play one, Sing, when my phone lights up beside me.

Hope you feel better soon!


Read my letter





You woke me up you bosom wipe



Bosom wipe?


You think I am a boob wipe?



I meant butt wipe now shut up



You must not be a fun person to be around when you are sick



I'm not sick idiot









Don't say goodbye, say until next time


You don't like goodbyes remember 😂



Goodbye Kye



Wait what.....



I'm not sorry



Contact 'Kye' has been blocked.

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