My Little Gem

When Gemma goes back to school she is caught off guard. She worked hard all summer for a fit body, but wasn't excpecting this big of a reaction. Everyone is at awe, thinking she is a new girl at first, but quickly realizing it is her. Her own friends don't recognize her at first, Well all of them except Izzy, her best friend. She is a junior and still has never been in a relationship. Will this transformation be all she needs to grab someone's attention?

Kye, the new boy. He has always been fawned over because of his looks. His parents move and he is put in a new school. He is expecting hate it, but finds there are a lot of cool people there. What he wasn't expecting was to see a girl and want her so bad, on his first day. He had always been the school bad boy and never cared to much about anyone. They where just another fling. But somehow he new that she was different, and was going to do anything to keep her. But was so,done going to stand in there way? Read to find out


3. Chapter 3

Gemma's P.O.V.


"K-Kye, w-what are y-you d-do-doing?" I manage to squeak out.  He groans in response. 

"I swear if you leave a hickey on me I will kill you." I say, proud of the new found strength in my voice, none the less it only came out as a whisper.  I hear him chuckle under his breath.

"I would never." He says huskily in my ear.

"Ya ok, I believe you." I respond sarcastically.  Kye pulls back and smirks.  I giggle at the sight, causing his lust to return.  He rests his forehead on mine looking deep into my eyes.  We stay this way for awhile, until his eyes find my lips.  Dread courses through my veins.  He moves his mouth towards mine ever so slowly.  Just as they are about to meet my own, I wiggle out of his grip and stand beside him.  Kye leans his head on the brick wall I was pressed against, just moments ago.

"I'm sorry," I put a hand on his shoulder, "I just, I'm just not ready." I admit.  He pauses for a second then turns to me slowly, confusion spread across his face.  He moves towards me, and I pull him into a hug.  He sighs in relief.

"Those boys who let you go where crazy." He whispers into me ear.

"No boy has ever left me." I say biting my lip.  He reaches forward, and pulls on my lip with his thumb.  I release my lip.

"Are you still dating someone?" Says Kye, worry lacing his words.


"So you dumped them?" He questions, quirking his brow.

"No." He stands there pondering this, then realization spreads across his face, as well as shock.

"You've never dated... anybody?!" He says dumbfounded.

"Nobody's ever asked me." I admit.  His jaw drops slightly.  I show him some pictures of what I looked like freshman and sophomore year.

"This is why they never asked." I say.  He looks at me like I am an idiot.

"You look beautiful in those pictures, you look gorgeous now, but you didn't look bad then." He says grabbing my shoulders.  I look at the ground, embarrassed by his words.  He just called me gorgeous, my optimist voice says.  I see his hand coming towards my face.  He tips my chin up, making me look at him in the eyes.

"Is that why you weren't ready?"

"Ready for what?" I whisper.

"For me to kiss you?  Because you haven't been kissed before?" Kindness, compassion, and sympathy fill his eyes.  I nod my head yes, and he strokes my cheek with my thumb.

"You could've just told me you know." He murmurs.  I give him a shy smile and bury my head in his chest.  He kisses my forehead, then guides us back to the café parking lot.

We hop in my truck, turning on the radio before heading home.  I pull into my driveway before realizing, Kye doesn't live here.  I blush, looking over to him.  I see him smirking at me, with amused eyes.

"So, uh, I guess you might need to go home, heh heh," I say embarrassed, "mind, uh, telling me where you live?" I scratch the back of my neck awkwardly.

"Go south out of town about a mile and then turn right on the first gravel road you see." He directs me.  I nod my head and put the truck in reverse.

We arrive at his house, and I wait for him to get out of the truck.  When he doesn't I cast a curious gaze in his direction.  I find him staring at me, as if I am supposed to do something?

"What?" I ask.  He raises his eyebrows at me, as if I should know.

"Does his royal pain in the ass need me to open his door?" I ask teasingly.  Realizing how he is probably taking this in his teenage boy mind, I immediately regret it.  I see that same strange emotion fill his eyes, before he smirks, quirking his brow.

"Oh my goodness gracious you perv." I roll my eyes, and punch his arm playfully, "get out of the damn truck unless you actually need something."

"Walk me to my door."

"Walk you to your what, wait why?" I ask curiously.  He doesn't answer.

"Are you afraid of the dark Mr. Bad boy?" I tease.  He gives me a, seriously?, look, causing me to laugh.

"I just want you to walk me to the door please, it is only polite." He sticks his chin in the air and crosses his arms on his chest.

"Ugh, fine." I cave.  As soon as I hop out of the truck, Kye does the same rushing over to my side.  We slowly make our way to the door and when we reach it I turn to him.

"Goodnight, see you later."

"Goodnight." He says softly.  I make my way back to the truck and hear him yell,

"You didn't even say goodbye!"

"I don't like goodbyes!" I holler back, "how about, until next time?"

"Perfect," he grins, "until next time."

"Until next time."


"Ugh, mother, why are you waking me up so early?" I whine, shielding my eyes from the blinding light.

"Because you where moping around all day yesterday, and Izzy is blowing up my phone because you shut your off and won't talk to anyone."

"What does that have to do with you waking me up at," I glance at my clock, "6:45 in the morning?"

"I invited Izzy over, and she is here, so get your butt out of bed before I get her to get you out of bed."  I huff, but throw my covers aside nonetheless.  If I have learned one thing while being best friends with Izzy, it is to always wake up before her.  If you don't, then her methods of getting you up can be cruel.

I make my way downstairs, and sure enough Iz is sitting on the couch waiting for me.

"Goodness gracious woman how can you sleep this long?"

"It is 6:45 in the morning!" I retort, "What I should be asking you is, why are you at my house at this time?"

"You aren't responding to my messages, Kye keeps asking where you are at, James thinks you are dead, and you are my best friend so why not?" She explains.  I clench my jaw at the sound of Kye's name, but sit down next to her calmly nonetheless.

"Why are you closing everybody off, I hate when you do that." She says softly.

"Come to my room and I will explain." I whisper nodding my head towards my mother.  Iz nods in understanding, and follows me to my room.

"So what's wrong?" Iz asks, sitting down on my bed.  I plop into my butterfly chair, and clutch my throw pillow tightly to my chest.

"So you know how you left Kye and I at the café the other night?"

"Yeah, James and I did that so you could have one on one time." She admits sheepishly.

"Well, we went for a walk," she winces, knowing my hatred towards the dark, "and one thing led to another..." I trail off not sure how to finish my thought.

"Oh GOD!  Did you lose you virginity?" She whisper yells frantically, "if I would've known he was going to do that to you I would've never left you two alone."

"What?!  No! That is not what happened at all!" I say shocked.  Iz lets out a sigh of relief.

"So then what happened?" She asks puzzled.

"He started kissing me, well not my lips but, you know, my neck, and face." I say blushing madly.  I hate talking about this stuff, I can barely sit through health class without almost fainting.

"And then he almost kissed my lips but I moved away because I wasn't ready, and then I made myself look like an idiot, and I feel stupid, and scared."

"So why are you shutting us ou-" she stops mid sentence, her eyes widening, "oh my gosh, Em I am so sorry, your..." she trails off.

"Dad." I finish for her.  She nods her head solemnly, as I feel tears threatening to escape my eyes.

"I am just so scared, I am so afraid he is going to come back and do it again Iz." I say quietly, "and I don't want anyone I care about to go through that with me again." The first tear escapes, "I am so sorry Iz, I am so sorry you had to go through that, you didn't deserve that at all." The tears start falling faster, and I see Iz is crying to.

"Hey, you didn't deserve it either Em, it wasn't your fault, it was his fault." She tries to comfort me.  I pull my shirt up revealing the scar I have spent so long hiding.  Iz lifts hers up as well showing her identical scar.  They are just below our right breast.  We thought about covering them up with a tattoo once, but our parents wouldn't allow it.

Iz and I hug each other tightly remembering the terrible day.



"What are you doing Iz?" I question, as I watch her pull a key out from behind her back, jangling them in my direction.

"We are going to get a good taste of some 'big girl' juice." She giggles.

"But we are only 14!" I exclaim.

"So!" She says, "oh come on, live a little G.A.!" She begs.

"Ugh, fine." I give in.  We sneak through my house, to the liquor cabinet, quietly unlocking it.

"Here I got this, you grab something else." Iz whispers.  I roll my eyes and reach in to grab something.  I grab the first bottle my hand touches, and pull it out.  I am about to close the cabinet when I see something in the back of the cabinet.

"Hold this Iz." I instruct her, handing her the bottle.  I reach to the back of the cabinet and grab a thick envelope.  When I pull it out dozens of pictures spill out onto the floor.  One of them remains in the envelope.  I take it out carefully and read the back of it.  It has a date on it.

July 17 2017

That was only a week ago.  I flip the picture over and nearly vomit at the sight.  The picture shows my father and a strange woman doing the deed, very much so naked, obviously.  I shakily look down at the other pictures and see dates from recently, or as much as 4 years ago scattered everywhere.  Each picture has a different woman in it, but they all show them doing the same thing.  I look at Iz who is also examining the pictures, looking very pale.  She meets my gaze, and we quickly start putting the pictures back in the envelope.  We place it in the back of the cabinet along with the bottles of liquor.  Something on the floor catches my eye, and I see another picture on the ground we forgot about.  I quickly shove it deep into the garbage can before locking up the cabinet and putting the keys away.  We exit the kitchen in a hurry, unsure what to think about the whole situation.  Just as we think the coast is clear we run into, none other than, my father.  I feel all the color drain from my face when I see a familiar shape in his pocket.

So this is where he sneaks off to at night, he gets drunk, then does a girl, I think to myself, trying not to grimace.  I glance over at Iz who is frozen, and pale, just as I suspect I am.

"Hey dad, we were just heading up to bed." I say shakily.

"It's a little past your bedtime don't you think?" He says narrowing his eyes at our nervousness.

"We were just getting a midnight snack." Iz pipes in nervously.

"Well What did you grab, I don't see you carrying anything." He says, growing more suspicious.

"We didn't find anything we wanted, so we decided to go back upstairs." I inform him, finding a little more confidence in my voice.

"What, are you saying I don't give you enough, you aren't pleased with everything you have?" He angrily, and drunkenly, accuses.

"N-no, we just realized we weren't all that hungry after all." Iz replies.  He huffs and walking into the kitchen without another word.  Iz and I rush into my bedroom, closing the door quickly behind us.

"What are we going to do?" Iz asks fearfully, "What if he finds out we know?"

"Shhh, keep it down," I warn, "And I don't know, we just have to pray he doesn't find out." I say sadly.  Iz nods her head, before snuggling up into my bed.  I lay down on the other side and attempt to fall asleep.  Just as I am about to fall asleep, I hear loud cursing coming from downstairs.  I shake Iz awake, but find she isn't asleep either, and looks just as scared as I feel.  We go into my closet and lock it quietly, praying he doesn't come in here.  We hear footsteps going up stairs, and then loud knocking at my door.

"Gemma, you still up?" My father asks calmly.  Neither of us make a sound,

"Gemma, damn it, I asked you a question!" He yells angrily.  I quickly dial 911.

"911, what's your emergency?" A woman's voice says calmly on the other line.

"My father is drunk, and he is going to hurt my friend and I, our address is 354 Mulberry Lane, Relics." I say very quietly.

"We are sending an officer your way right now, it is ok sweetie, just hang in there," she says soothingly, "May I ask what your names are?"

"My name is Gemma Heavens and my friends name is Isabella Gradly." I inform.

"Gemma I am going to break this door down!  I can hear you talking to someone!" My father angrily shouts.

"Was that him, was that your father?" The operator worriedly asks.

"Y-yes, I am so scared."

"Don't worry, the police should be there soon honey." Then my phone dies, and we are sitting ducks.  I hear a thump on my door, and my father cursing.  After several more thumps my door breaks.  I listen to the pieces of my door scatter across the floor.  Iz has stopped crying and hugs me tightly.  I place one hand over her mouth and one over my own, not trusting either of us to stay quiet.

"Now Gemma, where are you hiding?" My father asks maliciously, "I only want to talk." Anger laces every word.  I hear my bed being shoved, my dresser falling, the door to my bathroom being slammed open, and finally, I see the shadows of his feet stop right in front of my door.

"Gemma, are you in here?" He asks, softly knocking on the closet door.  I close my eyes tightly, squeezing Iz tighter.  My father starts playing with the door handle.  I hear him chuckle and dread rises inside of me.

"Silly girl, I have the keys remember." I hear the jangling of the key chain, and the key going into the lock.  I remember my pocket knife is inside my closet, in a old sweatshirt, and I begin hastily fumbling around.  I find the knife and slip it into my back pocket just as he opens the door.  I look up at him fearfully, holding Isabella close to my side.

"W-what did you want to talk about father?" I ask boldly.  He doesn't say anything, instead he simply tosses an envelope in our direction.  My face pales.

"Know anything about this girls?" He asks whilst grinning maliciously.

"No." We say in unison.

"Oh really?  Because I seem to be missing something from in here, and found it in the trash," He says raising his eyebrows, "and it must've been done recently because I just checked it before I left, and your mom hasn't been home all day," he continues, "and you two where acting rather strange when I saw you leave the kitchen, so let me ask you again," he squats down to our level, "Do you know anything about this?"

"No, we don't." I respond meekly.  He roars with rage and grabs us both my the legs, dragging us out of the closet.  My grip on Iz never falters, not even when I reach behind me and grab my pocket knife.  He lets go of us, towering over us angrily.

"Who where you talking too?  What where you going to do about those pictures?" He growls.

"Nobody and nothing, I swear, now please leave us be!" I plead, willing the police to show up soon.

"I don't believe you."  He takes off his belt, and is about to hit us, when I jump up and pull my knife out.

"GO AWAY!" I shout, pointing the knife at him.  I hear a deep chuckle, as he takes my feet out from under me, snatching the knife out of my hands.  He quickly uses his belt to tie our hands together, and grabs some shirts that are laying around from bus rampage to gag us and tie our feet together.

"I think you should think twice before threatening your father missy." He says grinning, "You know, I think this would look great in my picture collection.  He pulls out his camera and takes a picture of us sitting on the floor tied up.  I feel Iz crying, and I begin crying as well.

"You would've told your mother about those pictures, I would've been divorced, I would've lost all the money we get from her parents, and her company.  I would've had NOTHING!" He yells, "and it would've been all because of you two." He says pointing 5e knife at us.

"You know what happens to bad girls, they get taught a lesson." With that he inserts the knife right below my right breast and I cry in pain.  As soon as he withdraws it, I hear Iz cry in pain as well.  I look down and see blood soaking my shirt.

"If you ever try to do something like that again, anyone you care about will have the same fate as her." He says gesturing to Iz.  He unties us, tying me, instead, to my bed, and Iz tied up to a chair.

"This is what happens when you don't listen Isabella." Just as he is about to murder my best friend I hear a gunshot and my father drops to the ground.

*Flashback ended*

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