My Little Gem

When Gemma goes back to school she is caught off guard. She worked hard all summer for a fit body, but wasn't excpecting this big of a reaction. Everyone is at awe, thinking she is a new girl at first, but quickly realizing it is her. Her own friends don't recognize her at first, Well all of them except Izzy, her best friend. She is a junior and still has never been in a relationship. Will this transformation be all she needs to grab someone's attention?

Kye, the new boy. He has always been fawned over because of his looks. His parents move and he is put in a new school. He is expecting hate it, but finds there are a lot of cool people there. What he wasn't expecting was to see a girl and want her so bad, on his first day. He had always been the school bad boy and never cared to much about anyone. They where just another fling. But somehow he new that she was different, and was going to do anything to keep her. But was so,done going to stand in there way? Read to find out


1. Chapter 1

Gemma's P.O.V.


Finally, summer is over and I feel better than ever.  First day of school and I am not nervous for once.  I take one last quick glance in the mirror.  Over the summer I ate healthy, worked out, and focused on my horse riding much more.  I also did strength, fitness, agility, and flexibility classes.  All this has led me to have a six pack, a noticeably rounded butt, and muscular arms and legs.  I had also helped my hair out with some natural remedies, and it now only inches from my butt.  Lastly, I have finally gotten over the whole teenage acne thing.  Turns out eating healthy, getting good sleep, and staying fit really helps you believe it or not.  My outfit looks perfect on me.  I am wearing a pair of pale skinny jeans, yellow tank top, covered by a orangish flannel, and tied all together with a pair or white converse.  I run downstairs and give my mom a quick kiss on the cheek.

"See you later mommers." I say before running outside.  I hop in my old beater truck.  I rub the brand name on the steering wheel and sigh contently.  It is a Ford, just the way I like it.  I turn the key, and it roars to life.  That's right, let's make an entrance.  Today is going to be so much fun, I haven't seen most of my friends all summer and we are expecting a lot of new kids at school this year.  Not to mention, since I am a senior this year I will be on top of the food chain, and the freshman will have to endure the junior and sophomore class that I have learned to live with.  My class is exceptionally good and has better morals than the grades below us.  I pull into the school parking lot and thankfully a spot is open right next to my best friends car.  I hop out and make my way towards the school.  The parking lot is deserted so I check the time.  It is only 7:45.  This is surprising, I think to myself.  Then, as if reading my mind, a pile of cars comes into the parking lot.  I get several cat calls, and hollers in my direction.  

Rolling my eyes I huff, "Boys."

I get inside the main entrance taking in the smell of too many teenagers in one space.  I smile at the familiarness of it all, and continue through the school.  I stop at my locker, dropping my stuff off.  I close my locker door and see a boy standing right next to me.  He stares at me momentarily, acting speechless.  I see he has a paper in his hand and realize, he is a new student.  He is tall, and definitely muscular.  He has striking light brown eyes, and dirty blonde hair.  He looks like a badass, but is beyond lost for words.  I stare back, captivated by his gorgeousness, until we reach the point of awkwardness. 

"May I help you?" I ask hesitantly.  He shakes his head, releasing him from his daydream, and clears his throat.

"Yes, I was wondering if you could show me where this class is?" He says more as a question than a statement.  He hands me the paper and I see that we have 3 out of  our 5 classes together.

"It looks like we have a lot of classes together." I tell him.  I see is eyes brighten slightly but he keeps a serious, emotion void face on the whole time.  We start walking to our first classroom drop of our bags.  I was just about to introduce him to the teacher when I realize I don't know his name.

"What is your name?" I ask him.

"Kye, spelled K-y-e, not K-a-i." He says sticking out a hand for me to shake.

"Kye, Kye, Kye." I say letting his name roll of my tongue.  He makes a strange noise and I snap my attention back to him.  His eyes have a new emotion in them that I can't read.

"It is a nice name." I say smiling.  He still has his hand out, and I grab it before pulling him into a hug.

"My name is Gemma, but my friends call me Emma or Em." I say, "spelled G-e-m-m-a." I begin to unwrap my arms but he holds firm.  I don't move for awhile before I push myself back , forcing his hold to break.  His eyes search my face, and I can't help but be greatly confused.  What is he looking for?, I wonder.  I start walking out of the classroom when I realize he isn't following me.

"Are you coming?" I ask.  He nods his head and makes his way over to me.  We walk towards the business classroom, where my friends and I always meet in the mornings.  When I enter everyone casts a glance towards us.  My best friend, Izzy, stands up and give me a hug before inspecting me.

"You look amazing G.A." G.A. has always been Izzy's nickname for me, and I call her Z.  Neither of us let anyone else call us these names either.

"Whose this?" She says gesturing towards the large male behind me.

"This is Kye, spelled K-y-e, not K-a-i." I say throwing a smirk over my shoulder towards him.  He smirks back and walks forward with an extended hand.  Iz shakes his hand before saying,

"My name is Izzy, you can call me Izzy." She says chuckling, "and in case you where wondering it is spelled I-z-z-y."  Just then James, Izzy's boyfriend calls out,

"Who is that chick with the new boy?" I look behind me expecting to see a different girl but only see Kye.  I turn back around and make my way over to James. 

"You idiot, it is me, Gemma, goodness gracious apparently you knocked some screws loose over the summer." I say laughing.  Iz comes up behind me holding her stomach whilst laughing.

"You seriously thought she was a new girl?!" Izzy says between laughs.

"It isn't my fault she turned into a supermodel over the summer!" James exclaims, throwing his hands in the air in surrender.

"You don't think I look like a model?" Izzy says sticking out her bottom lip in a mock pout.  James pulls her onto his lap and says,

"Of course I do." Izzy breaks into another fit of laughs, leaving James to only roll his eyes.  I turn and see Kye awkwardly standing in our little group, his eyes trained on me.  I smile at him and have a seat next to him.  After a couple of minutes the rest of our group walks in, greeting us.  Sasha, Kylee, and Lily all tell me I look gorgeous and so much different.  I introduce everyone to Kye and they all start drooling over him, but he doesn't even seem to notice them.  He just keeps watching me.

"Hey Kye, why don't we go to your advisory and you can meet you home room teacher." I suggest.  He nods his head, eagerly leaving the classroom.  We enter the hallway side by side.  As strange as it may seem, I feel very comfortable around him.  I haven't .been this comfortable around strangers ever in my life, I am a naturally shy person.  We are almost to his home room when I hear more whistling.  At first I ignore it, until they start talking.

"Look at dat ass!"

"You are one fine piece I would love too eat."

"Wanna get laid!"

"Emma what did you do cuz you aren't too bad on the eyes anymore!"

I huff impatiently and keep walking, reminding myself that these voices belong to the sophomores, seniors,  and very very very few of the juniors.  They mean nothing to me.  Kye sends me a worried glance but keeps walking beside me, not saying a word.  Just as we are about to enter Kye's homeroom, some jerk comes up behind me and grabs my rear.

"Ooooh that is fine." He says smirking.  I turn around to tell him off, but am cut short by Kye.

"Don't you dare touch her again, you hear me?" Growls Kye.

"Oh ya, and watcha gonna do about it tough guy." The boy, Joseph, says, pushing Kye back.  Kye lunges forward grabbing fistfuls of Joseph's shirt, pushing him against the wall.

"Do you really want to know?" Kye spits menacingly.  Joseph shakes his head no in response, but Kye doesn't let him go.  I walk up to him and put my hand on Kye's arm.  He turns his fiery look to me, and his features soften upon meeting my eyes.  I nod my head in Joseph's direction, signaling him to let him go.  He sighs, and slowly lets go of Joseph.  Joseph scurries away, leaving me with an angry Kye.

"Thanks for sticking up for me." I say gently, my hand still on his arm.  He focuses his gaze on my hand.

"It was nothing, I just hate jerks like that." He responds, his voice still laced with anger.

"If you aren't careful, you will be just as bad as them." I warn.  He looks at me with guilt in his eyes, before nodding and hanging his head low.  I grab his chin, forcing him to meet my gaze.

"Hey, don't be a Debbie downer, let's go meet your advisor." I say trying to cheer him up.  He gives me a small smile.  It makes my heart skip a beat, I haven't seen him smile yet.  I walk into his homeroom and make introductions.  His advisor, Mr. Oswald, is a fun, spunky old dude.  They seem to get along really well, which lifts Kye's spirit.

We make our way out of the classroom, checking the time.


Man time flies by.  I turn around to tell Kye that we should get heading to our first class, but run into his chest instead.  Letting out a, oof, I stumble backwards.  Just as I am about to fall a pair of arms wrap around my waist, catching me.  I see that the arms, not surprisingly, belong to Kye.

"I guess you are just going to be my hero today." I joke.  This gets a small laugh out of him.  A large smile forms on my face.

"What are you smiling about?" Kye asks putting his serious face back on.

"Your laugh Kye, I love it." I say.  His eyes fill with the same unreadable emotion I saw earlier.  He lets go of me, and sticks his hands in his pockets.  He doesn't say anything.

"We should probably get headed to our next class." I say.  As I am turning around Kye leans down next to my ear and whispers huskily,

"I love your laugh too Gem."

Shivers run down my spine at his voice.  It is so sexy.  Gem.  I love it, and it sounds perfect coming  from him.  We start walking to our next class, eager to get the day started.

"Alright class, we have some new students with us today." The teacher announces.

"If you are new please come to the front of the class and introduce yourself, and give us  one unique fact about you."  Nobody stands up, so I nudge Kye.  He looks at me amused, but stays seated.

"Fine, I guess I will just call you up one by one, everyone in the class gets to introduce themselves." The class Ursula's in protests and groans.  I shake my head smirking, typical Mr. Mulberry.  One by one we go up and introduce ourselves.  Kye gets some guys to holler, being the bad boy I thought he was.  When I go up to the front of the classroom I got hoots and hollers.  Gosh golly will they ever grow up?, I think to myself.

"Hello, my name is Gemma, and I was the Black Hawk rodeo cowgirl queen this summer with my horse Dauntless." I say.  I go back to my seat while the boys in the class yell,

"Yehaw!" Or "Giddy up!"  I smile while knowing some boys will never grow up.  I take my seat next to Kye and wait for class to be over.  After not learning a thing, and screwing around the whole time, class is finally over.  I feel a hand on my arm and turn around to see its owner.

"Hey Em, where is this class?" Kye asks.  I look down at the paper he is holding and see that he is going to Art, the same class I'm in.

"Follow me, that is my next class too." I inform him.  I look down at the hand still holding onto my arm, then back at him.  He doesn't seem to take the hint, and instead drags his hand down to mine.  His touch sends a shiver down my spin, but in a good way.

"I know I'm good looking but are we going to class or not Gem?" He whispers in my ear.  I feel a blush form on my face and I duck my head.  I turn around releasing his hand from mine.  Kye must have been taken aback by my sudden reaction because next thing I know I can hear him hollering for me, and a firm grip coming down on my shoulder.

"Em wait!" Kye says feigning breathlessness.

"What is my 5" 9' pace to fast for your 6" 5' pace?" I say guessing his height.

"How'd you know I was 6" 5'?" He asks.

"I dunno, I just guessed" I respond, shrugging my shoulders.  I turn around and continue walking, and Kye's hand never leaves my shoulder.  We reach the art room seconds before the bell rings.

"You should be more careful Emily." Mrs. Henderson warns.

"Sorry, I was just helping Kye figure out his way around the school." I say.  Kye is standing behind me and I can feel the warmth from his body.  It takes everything in me not to lean into him.  I feel his body get closer to me, then his breath on my neck.

"Emily?" He murmurs in my ear.  I turn to him confused, then realize what he means.

"She has dyslexia and thought that was my name when I first was here freshman year.  I let it slide, and eventually corrected her but she kept calling me Emily.  Bad habit I guess, but she is cool." I explain.  He nods his head in understanding.

"Emily, I want you to go sit by Isabella, and Kye I want you to sit over there by James." Mrs. Henderson says, gesturing to our seats located on opposite sides of the room.  We go to our seats and start working on the assignment she has waiting for us.  I feel a set of eyes on me and turn to Iz.  Sure enough she is giving me the, I need answers, look.

"Spit it out Iz." I say.  That is all she needed because the words tumble out of her mouth in seconds.

"He likes you, you obviously like him, but my question is how are you two already friends, you literally just met, and he is a bad boy so I fear your safety, and he is staring at you right now like he wants you so bad, and I swear to god above if you are pregnant before you graduate I will kill you, and I think you two should date." She finally stops, and gasps for air.

"Holy shnikys Iz, there were so many mixed signals in that run on sentence I don't even know what to think." I say laughing.  I look up at Kye and see that he is, in fact looking at me.  We make eye contact, and I expected him to look away, but he doesn't.  We hold eye contact for awhile, but then James starts talking to Kye, making him break eye contact.

"The sexual tension right there was through the roof." Iz gaps.  I roll my eyes and continue working.

I am almost done with my project when I feel an already familiar warmth behind me.  I focus on my work, hearing Kye and Iz whispering something to each other that I can quite hear.  Just as he is about to leave I turn around and face him.

"Kye, do you wanna go to the café after school with Iz, James, and I?" I ask.  He looks at me, then looks at Iz.  I see Iz nodding her head slightly out of the corner of my eye.

"Yea, sure, why not?"

"Sweet, meet us by the old willow after school, okay?" Kye nods his head in response and makes his way back to his table.  I turn to Iz, staring her down.  She pretends not to notice but after a few minutes she sighs and turns to me.

"What is it Em?" Iz asks.

"What was that all about, Kye looking to you for answers, you giving him little cues, and whispering secrets to each other?!" I say confused about the entire situation.

"Why don't you ask him?" Iz says desperately, pointing at James.  I stand up in a huff and make my way over to James and Kye.  They are in a conversation and act like they don't notice me but I feel Kye's body tense up when I approach.  I clear my throat gaining their attention.

"James can I talk to you for a second?" I ask.

"Sure." James responds.  I see Kye send him a questioning look, and James giving him a reassuring one back.  We walk into the supply closet so I can talk to him without curious ears.

"What was that?" I ask James as soon as we are in the closet.

"What was what?" He asks seeming confused.

"Why was Kye being so secretive around me with Izzy, and why are you guys acting like you are all in on something I don't know about!" I exclaim waving my hands around like a mad woman.  That is a bad habit of mine, talking very loudly.... with my hands.

"You like him don't you?" Is all James says.  I stand there shocked.

"W-well I me-ean, uhm..." I trail off feeling a blush form.

"So that is a yes." I look down at my shoes.

"Yes, but I mean I just met him, but he seems so nice and I am so comfortable around him already." I say, deciding my hands are more interesting then anything else.

"That's ok, you don't have to be a couple right away, but you can still be something other than friends...." He trails off.  I look up at him confused.

"You know." He says gesturing at nothing.  I shake my head no.

"Like friends with benefits." He whispers.  I smack his shoulder, my eyes wide.

"Really!?  I would rather date a guy I just met then just be someone's 'friend with benefits', that is disgusting." I whisper shout.  James rubs his shoulder and chuckles.

"Besides, I doubt he even likes," I pause gesturing to myself, "me." I finish.  James stares at me like I am stupid for a few seconds before rolling his eyes.

"I can't believe you are being serious," James says shaking his head, "that guy is totally smitten with you, I mean I love Izzy, but I can't really blame him." I sigh and look down at my hands again.

"So you guys where trying to help him out?" I question.

"Yes, we where, and let me tell you what.  I have met the guy a couple times before and he is always cold and distant, but he opened up to you faster than a girl on her period opens ice-cream." He exclaims.  "It is crazy, I never thought someone like, him, could become a different person, a better person, for anyone." He looks me in the eyes.

"But I am glad it is for one of my closest friends, you deserve it, especially since you haven't dated before." And with that he turns around and leaves the supply room.  I stand in the closet pondering some things for awhile before making my way back out into the classroom.  I first see Iz who looks very excited.  My gaze then wanders to the guys.  James seems overjoyed and Kye looks equally happy.  I smirk, just as Kye and I make eye contact.  His smile stays but his eyes fill with another emotion.  One I just cannot seem to place.

This is going to be an interesting day, I think to myself.

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