A Duet With Life

The next step in my poetic contemplations.
I write in my free time accross different styles and themes, sometimes there are reasons to what I write and sometimes there are not, but I always try to follow my inspiration.


6. You think

You may think we are who you think we are,

You may think we think you are who you are,

And you may think you think we are who we are,

But do you think we think you are who we are?

Oh do you think we think that we are who you are?

No the truth is, I think, that you think who we are

Is who you think who we are, not who we think who we are

For who we are, we know, and who you are, oh no,

We know not who you are, you know not who we are,

Heavens, you know not even who you are

So how can you presume to know who we are?

Find yourself to find others and in others find yourself,

Find others in yourself and find others to find yourself,

You think it is a simple straight line,

You think you are who you are and we should be too

But we are who we are and we cannot be you;

We are not us, you are you and we are we,

Yet we are all ourselves and in this we are all we.

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