A Duet With Life

The next step in my poetic contemplations.
I write in my free time accross different styles and themes, sometimes there are reasons to what I write and sometimes there are not, but I always try to follow my inspiration.


21. The last song

i stand as i once did many ages ago

i stand where it begun and i let it all go

all the colorful pains and too all the grey joys

all the bright loving fires all the icy hatred

in the end we are pawns we are all merely toys

in the hands of the fates in the hands of the gods

and all that is precious and all that is sacred

is thrown into the wind is thrown against all odds,

a lion’s heart is big but his teeth are cruel

a mountain and a snake can never measure up

to the ones around them or to one another’s

however when comes time for the two to duel

only one may prevail and drink the sacred cup

be they sworn enemies or be they sworn brothers

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