A Midsumer Night Joy

Ten years ago Huntress ran away from the love of her life with the help of his maker. She calls or writes letters back to him to see how everything is where she left and to give updats. She ran away to have a child thinking that her love might not want her to have the child. Huntress finds out about everything that her love has been doing to get her back and finds that she has to come back home to save his life.

Natalie, Huntress child, longs to see her father. Never having met him and only knowing that her mother left him long before she was born not knowing why. As her mother forces them to move to someplace away from the hot sun in Flordia and the beach to some landlocked place in the middle of nowhere. Natalie gets to see her father for the first time in her life.


4. Lorance

     Who was that girl I had talked to before Huntress came on? When I heard her voice it was like I thought I heard Huntress in it but that couldn't be so. Huntress must have been kidnapped and forced to run away from me. But what doesn't make sense is that she agreed for some time for us to meet each other again now she's not here. I wonder if she is just running late, but it could be her running again. I knew I should have said at her house. I knew I should have tracked that call. I miss her so much. Went had four good years together and then she changed and ran away and left and now-now I don't know where she is. I miss her so much, I woke up and she was gone it was like my world stopped moving. My heart stopped beating, everything went missing.

     Then Aldred came into my room and handed me a note with her lovely handwriting. I remember her stressing out about not getting the A's perfect. She was always like that. Wanting to learn new things. Something she knew and had forgotten, other things she found out about and begged Aldred to start her with those. She could have ended anyone that had gotten in her way and yet she chose the calmer way of doing something like that. She could have given up and yet she didn't. It was her presence in everything she did that made my love for her bloom into something more frightening. I feared for her life in the last ten years. We still lived in Colorado, on my deathbed we would not leave until I was ready to give her up. And now it seems my love is coming back. 

     I parked my car outside of the bar that I told her we would meet at and looked around for her. It wouldn't be like I would have known her from the moment I laid eyes on her. I didn't even see a car in the parking lot. She must not be here yet again. I needed to go for another drive. I needed to call her again. I picked up my phone and dialed in her number, "Hello, this is Huntress here. I'm sorry, I might have let my phone die again. Or I am busy with my daughter. Leave a name and number and you know I will get back to you," She said and then the beep came to tell me to leave a message. 

     I must not have heard that right. She had a daughter? With whom? Did she adopt a child? Was she raped and forced to keep the kid? My head was reeling from everything that could have happened. Maybe she was kidnapped, raped, and had a child and then got away from them with the child and now she is trying to find her way back home.  But if that be the case then wouldn't she have already been back home? 

     The little voice that was contradicting everything I thought was getting under my skin. It was making me worried and scared that she might be unable to come and see me. I growled and started the car before I raced back to my hotel. Aldred might still be in Colorado but that doesn't mean that he is asleep yet. He has hardly slept for years. It seems that I wasn't the only one that was affected by Huntress leaving. So far our group has been under attack for a couple years now. Once word spread that our gradian angle had gone missing everyone thought that they should get into the group. I yanked up my phone again and called Aldred.

    "Aldred she- I heard her voice. And I think she might be in danger," I spoke rushed. I heard Aldred hold back a snicker.He seemed to think that this was funny.

    "Are you sure that she is in danger. Last I heard of her she was packing for a trip," He said before he held his breath, "I. I am sorry. I didn't mean to say that.  I didn't mean to tell you that. She um- she called me this morning and said she was going on a trip to someplace unknown," He coughed. 

    "How long have you known about where she was Aldred? How long have you known what she was doing? Where was she going? Did you know that I had to steal her number from your phone? And find a letter from her and get the address of where she lived. Did you know Aldred that I am going to her place right now as we speak to see if she is there," I spoke harshly to him? And he didn't stop me. It was like he was taking something that he should have taken long ago. It was like he was giving up.

     "I understand that you are upset with me about hiding her from you. But you must know she asked me to. She asked me to hide her. She wanted you to be safe and she said when the time was right she would come back. She just didn't want anyone hurt. Or any wars starting from the more powerful. And I know that she will be coming back to see you and she is still in Florida as we speak but not for very much longer," He spoke truly. I heard the dial tone as he ended the call. She was here. She was still here but not for long. I was going to find her and make her come back home with me. I was going to make her see that she is safe. What don't I understand from that call was why would a war start over her? Did she do something so bad that she thought that she was going to be on death row? 

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