A Midsumer Night Joy

Ten years ago Huntress ran away from the love of her life with the help of his maker. She calls or writes letters back to him to see how everything is where she left and to give updats. She ran away to have a child thinking that her love might not want her to have the child. Huntress finds out about everything that her love has been doing to get her back and finds that she has to come back home to save his life.

Natalie, Huntress child, longs to see her father. Never having met him and only knowing that her mother left him long before she was born not knowing why. As her mother forces them to move to someplace away from the hot sun in Flordia and the beach to some landlocked place in the middle of nowhere. Natalie gets to see her father for the first time in her life.


7. Huntress

     " I can't believe you guys. For one, you broke my trust, Aldred. I trusted you and now you broke it. You weren't supposed to tell him anything. And now when I come back you two are at each other throats over my of all things. And now to you. I love you, but you are such a baby sometimes. In this time, men do not beg to be taken back by their wife and not once in history did it happen that way. No man will ever do something like that. And here you are. On your knees begging for me to take you back. I have half a mind to punch you myself!" I shrieked. Everyone in the room, in the house, stopped and looked over at me. I had never once lost my temper with someone. Never once raised my voice. And I did that for a reason. 

     "You, you came back," Lorance said weakly at my feet not looking me in the eyes. I felt my anger rise even more. Before It had the chance to come out I bit it down.

     I dropped to my knees and joined him on the floor. I held his face waiting for the time I should tell him something that he should have known a long time before now. "Natile, will you give as a moment. And take Aldred with you," I told her and waited until they walked out of the room, one after the other.  "I think she will need to spend time with you. She asked who her father was every day. And every day I wanted to come back but I feared I would put everyone in danger. We weren't allowed to make vampires, immortals, so young in my time it was against the rules. I was even pursued for a time after I was born. I had never known my father and I knew my mother for a brief moment before she had died in childbirth. I was brought into someones home and they were scared of me. They thought I was the devil's daughter. I was aging faster than the others. I had learned faster than others and caught on faster than the others and they were scared. They couldn't live with me for more than two weeks. By two weeks, I was walking and talking. It was like two weeks had been two years. A vampire found me and brought me before a big group of people and I was investigated," I felt tears in my eyes. 

     "They said I smelled like a human but I felt like them. They could see I had the unnatural face of a vampire but the heartbeat of a human girl. So they left me by myself with no help. I went from family to family until I learned how to control it and I learned how to make them think nothing was wrong and how to feed all by myself. I didn't want that for her. I wanted her to have a normal childhood. Not like mine. She's- she's yours. Your her father and she's your daughter," I told him. I heard his heartbeat for a moment before he hugged me so tightly it felt like he was trying to break me. 

     "You've never told me that much about you," He said and I felt his tears roll down and onto my back. I hugged him back. "I promise I will not let anyone touch a hair on her head. Or your head," He said pulling apart to see my face. I was happy that he had promised that. I had waited ten years to hear him say my name, ten years to see his face again. 

     "Thank you for forcing me out of hiding. Both of you. Natile I know you were listing," I spoke and she reappeared into the room with tears in her eyes. Aldred came behind her and put a hand on her shoulder. "I have to finish her training but today will be a break with the week. I need to know you again," I spook and felt myself change in age. I was back to the same age I had been on the day I had met the person who would one day call me his mate. 

     "Now we have a bigger problem," I told them turning around and walking away from the group. 

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