A Midsumer Night Joy

Ten years ago Huntress ran away from the love of her life with the help of his maker. She calls or writes letters back to him to see how everything is where she left and to give updats. She ran away to have a child thinking that her love might not want her to have the child. Huntress finds out about everything that her love has been doing to get her back and finds that she has to come back home to save his life.

Natalie, Huntress child, longs to see her father. Never having met him and only knowing that her mother left him long before she was born not knowing why. As her mother forces them to move to someplace away from the hot sun in Flordia and the beach to some landlocked place in the middle of nowhere. Natalie gets to see her father for the first time in her life.


5. Huntress

    It had been four days now. Driving all day and hunting with a small nap at night. We were almost back in Colorado. Almost back home. Naile was going crazy from being so far into the land. She had never been away from the sea and I had promised that she could surfure the next time her birthday was around. It seemed that was a broken promsie. She had been asking for years to take her surfing, and I was finally going to allow her to do what she wanted, but now she can't. we are going to be landlocked for a time and she will not be happy she will be leaving whatever friends she had managed to make from being homeschooled. Even everyone in our neighborhood didn't know about her. I had worked so hard to keep her all to myself while holding a job and teaching her.

     She wasn't an easy secret to keep when pregnant. So when I had her I acted like she had not made it. Like I had a miscarriage. And now people think I had someone over visiting. Not anymore. We had to leave and to Colorado, we would go, it was one of the only homes I knew that I had left. It was a safe place to be and with the few people, I knew I would never have to leave them it was like I was finally going to be coming home from a vacation. I smiled and hit the gas. No one on this road for miles and I needed the speed. It felt so urgent. Like I needed to be far from where I had raised my daughter but with her at my side. I looked over and saw she had fallen asleep at some point. "Good night my baby girl," I whispered and hit the gas making the car go faster and faster away from this place. The next time I saw a car it was about five in the morning and I slowed back down to speed limit and pulled off to the side of the road to strengthen my legs. 

     "We there?" I heard mumbled from the front seat. I smiled at her. 

     "Natile you're hair is everywhere. Brush it out and join me. I have been driving all night. And here we are in Colorado," I was about to warn her to bring a jacket with her when she stepped out of the car.

     "Christ! It is too cold!" She shivered. I smiled at her and held back a laugh. 

     "And this sweety is summer in Colorado. I was about to warn you to bring out your jacket. We are just pausing to strength a little. Are you hungry?" I asked her. She nodded right as her stomach grumbled. "Okay then let's find a place to be for a couple of hours. Remeber if you find someone you know hides," And I got back in the car with her. I laughed when she turned the heat up in the car.

     "This is not summer. There is white stuff on the ground," She said and bundled in a blanket. I laughed at her more. "Mom I'm not joking. What even is this white stuff on the ground? Why is it there? What month is it even?" She asked looking over at me and the 'white stuff'

     "That 'white stuff' is snow. You have never seen snow and you can go snowboarding and skiing. I mean Colorado is known for its slopes. And it's almost June.This is one of the later snow storms we get here.," I said laughing and watching the road. It might still be early but some people are early birds. I found us a place to eat just outside of Denver.

      "Are we almost there?" She asked as we got back in the car from our meals. The people we feed on were in the bathroom right now recovering without a single memory about what happened. I smiled and nodded. We were almost there a couple more streets and I would be back home with my adoptive family. 

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