A Midsumer Night Joy

Ten years ago Huntress ran away from the love of her life with the help of his maker. She calls or writes letters back to him to see how everything is where she left and to give updats. She ran away to have a child thinking that her love might not want her to have the child. Huntress finds out about everything that her love has been doing to get her back and finds that she has to come back home to save his life.

Natalie, Huntress child, longs to see her father. Never having met him and only knowing that her mother left him long before she was born not knowing why. As her mother forces them to move to someplace away from the hot sun in Flordia and the beach to some landlocked place in the middle of nowhere. Natalie gets to see her father for the first time in her life.


3. Huntress


     I was rushing to my daughter's room wearing nothing but my thoughts. We had to move again. She didn't know how many times I had done this. I filled my bag to the brim with snack foods and clothes. Though we lived in Flordia I had to make sure that if I ever had to go back to Colorado I would be warm enough for it. Aldred called me almost every night when she was asleep and now she is in the living room thinking about meeting her father in person. I knew the day would come, but I didn't want it to come so soon. 

     "Natile," I called to her as I went into the room. I was shocked she was on the phone and turned away from me. "Natile, I packed a few things for you. Will you grab your bag and wait in the car. I will be a moment," I told her and snatched the phone from her seeing who she had answered. When my name was yelled over the phones small speaker I knew who it was. I hoped she didn't know that she had just spoken with her father. 

     I covered the phone with my hand before I took a deep breath and found him in my mind. He was in a parking lot somewhere, parked in his car in the middle of the day wearing the last thing I had seen him in. "Listen to me my love, my life. I had to. I had to leave on that night. And you found me it seems. I am in Flordia. And before you start up that car of yours in the parking lot I would like to know something. Where would you like to meet?" I finished knowing that we would not meet not until he realized that I was not in Flordia, that I was on my way to Colorado. 

     "Are we going to meet, my mate? Have you told that lady who answered the phone about this? We shall meet in one hour at the Indoor Beachside Bar," I could see his smile as he started the car and hung up. I sighed and went out to my car. I took a moment to watch my little girl in the front seat of the car with her headphones in and head back listing to her music.she looked so serene in her own little world. Soon it would come crashing down on her, so hard and fast she will not be able to breathe. I smiled at her in her own mind, before I opened the car door and started the car. 

     "We need to lay low for some time. I know that you are hungry but I have no blood at home. We are going to have to hunt for it. Do you remember how to do that?" I asked her as she came back to me. We had been driving for a few hours now and we were halfway to the Flordia broader. She nodded her head and looked at the road. "Okay then. At midnight I will stop by a restaurant and we will feed. Both on food and blood. It's going to be a long drive," I finished and risked a glance over at my phone. It had died a little while ago and I wasn't planning on charging it until we got to Colorado and back into the safety of my old home. 

     "Mom, I know its past dinner time and we haven't stopped yet. I am really hungry. My blood intake is down and I need food," Natile spoke as we passed another exit. I nodded knowing that my stomach had been going hungry for some time now. It was time to stop and get something to eat. I looked for a crowded spot, people and food together sometimes. Off to the next exit was somewhere that would be good. The sun was down now but you could still feel the heat from it. 

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