A Midsumer Night Joy

Ten years ago Huntress ran away from the love of her life with the help of his maker. She calls or writes letters back to him to see how everything is where she left and to give updats. She ran away to have a child thinking that her love might not want her to have the child. Huntress finds out about everything that her love has been doing to get her back and finds that she has to come back home to save his life.

Natalie, Huntress child, longs to see her father. Never having met him and only knowing that her mother left him long before she was born not knowing why. As her mother forces them to move to someplace away from the hot sun in Flordia and the beach to some landlocked place in the middle of nowhere. Natalie gets to see her father for the first time in her life.


6. Aldred

     "You're back?" I was shocked that Lorance could have beaten them back. Unless he was speeding which I thought that I had taught him better than to speed. 

      "Yes, I am. And, Aldred, you knew where she was? Maker or not. She is my Mate and I care about her life more than my own!" He yelled at me. I was shocked that he had done something like that. Shocked that he had raised his voice at me. He was after all my creation. I knew that I deserved being yelled at. I deserved it but, you never raise your voice at someone with more power. Not in my right mind would I let him get away with yelling at me.

     "What have I told you about yelling at your elders?" I asked him calmly ruling up the sleeves on my shirt. Lorance gave this look between fighting for his Mate and taking his unknown punishment. I smiled when he didn't answer. "Did you already forget? How could I have been so much of an idiot to think that you would ever change your ways. You always had a temper on you and thought maybe time would fix it. I guess I was wrong. I know she was you're Mate," I paused looking at him now I could tell he was hoping something would stop him from what he should get. "But that gives you no reason to yell at anyone older than you.

     "What about someone who looks younger but out beats the two of you by a long shot?" A female voice asked. I looked over shocked and felt her in my head. "Still keeping up your wit I see," She smiled her sweet smile. I wanted to bow to her but she didn't let me do so.

     "Huntress! My Love! My Mate you're back! Please never leave me again!" He begged her on his knees. I wanted to laugh at it. It was something I had not seen in him before. Going before his lady on his knees begging her to take him back. He must love her so much I thought.

     "And that is the funny thing isn't? He hasn't said the words yet so I don't know. I haven't been here for 10 years and now I am back and you two are about to kill each other. I want you both to sit on the couch. I might have control of one mind but do I need to control both?" She asked as I started to move towards the couch. She let my mind go and I stood back up. "It seems it is time for another lesson Natile. I have shown you how to do it. Let's see if you can. Get into his mind and make him sit. I guess I get to take care of the baby again," She spoke with a smile. I felt someone less as powerful as she comes into my hand and commands me to sit down. I did so with a smile. Knowing full well that I could break the connection. 

     "And then power will be the next on my list of things to teach you it seems," Huntress spoke like she had been the only one there for this girl.  "I was the only one there. People knew nothing about her. But for me, I was there for her," She spoke harshly.

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