In Love with Mr President

Sasha who is currently studying Medicine, Sasha is at the top of her university class.
But what She doesn't know, she is slowly falling for the most powerful person in the country: the president.


1. Chapter 1

I gaze up at the massive, colossal building, it reads: 'Liam Empire'. I press the buzzer on the golden, exquisite gate. “Hello, I have a meeting with Mr Liam”. “Come right in”. The gates slowly open, it is magnificent to look at. As I walk through the door, the snow crunches beneath my feet. I see 3 receptionists, “Hello, you must be Ms Sasha, "I’ll give him a buzz." “Okay”, I replied nervously they were so beautiful than me, their blonde hair was golden, they had the perfect lips and body that I envisioned myself having. But I was skinny, I was just a regular brunette, I always yearned to be loved, One day that time will come I hope. She pressed the buzzer *bzz, bzz*. "Hello there Mr Liam, Ms Sasha would like to see you". "Bring her in, I'm ready", "Okay Mr Liam". “May I take your coat?" "Y - Yes", I replied looking at the blonde, golden bombshell, her jaw was so perfectly crafted.

The door opens suddenly, and I trip over, my books scattered on the expensive floor. "I'm sorry". I replied trying not to cry He comes over and helps me, "Come take my hand" he replied, he was so gorgeous, he had deep blue eyes, like the vast, endless sea. I take his soft, warmth, delicate hand. "Thank you" I replied, "No problem, Um - can you take a seat, please?" He replied smiling at me. "S - Sure". I replied nervously, embarrassed, trying not to show him." I sit down and take a seat, on the fluffy, comfy seat. "Do you have any questions for me!" he replied I scan through my textbook, flipping through endless amounts of pages until I found the questions. "Are you ready to proceed?" he replied impatiently "Yes, I'm ready". Ahem, I cough uncontrollably, and within a few seconds, it goes away. "How did you accumulate so much wealth, so fast?" I replied trying not to gaze at his face. "Well, Ms Sasha, throughout my families history, My great, great, grandfather was a politician, he was the prime minister of the United States of America (USA), My father was a Doctor, and his Father, used to serve in the WW1 and WW2, he had lots of shimmering, trophies, he also won a Medal for bravery - He was awarded it by the Queen - Queen Elizabeth II. He was unstoppable, he was a force to be reckoned with." "Do you have any parents, In other words: A mother or Father?" I replied. "Can we move on, please". He replied small tear rolls down his perfect eyes." "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to get you emotional". I replied. I was shocked, was he an orphan I thought to myself. "No, Sasha it's just hay - fever, carry on please". "Excuse me, Sir, may I have a pencil, I forgot mine”. He gives me his expensive pencil, it was encrusted with diamonds, and written on the pencil: Liam Todd. "Thanks" I replied looking at the marvellous pencil, normally I buy my pens from an antique shop. "So what are you majoring in?" he replied eagerly "I major in Medicine" I replied beaming with happiness and excitement. "You're becoming a Doctor?" “Yes, Sir” “He gazes up at me his looks captivate me, “No call me Liam” "S - Sure" I replied, "What made you fall in love with Medicine, was it, El James? Elizabeth Blackwell? Ed Gein? said, Liam, I thought to myself for a brief moment "El James is not a doctor, she is an Author, Ed Gein is a serial killer who killed women in his town: Plainfield, there was also a movie made about his crimes, 'The chainsaw massacre', I would likely go with the Elizabeth Blackwell. I replied confidently but disgusted at the same time. "I thought you were going to say, El James or Ed Gein, I guess you're clever than I thought. He replied, "Also Liam, I have a question for you When you become President of the United States of America, what are your promises, you're next in line to become President, after that awful, inhumane old, orange man ‘Donald Trump' Who became president." I replied "Well first, I won't ban Muslims or any group, race because that makes you a racist, I will open the borders for everybody, I will make sure that Citizens do not pay tax, (Tax - Free), I will also make a promise that Healthcare and Education should be free, we should not pay for it" he replied "Wow your very kind Mr Liam, you have a big heart." "Some people say, I have no heart at all, that I am heartless." "Ignore them, because they are haters". "Do you have the last question?" "Of course" I beamed with glee, "Are you umm Lesbian or Gay" I replied unknowingly He taps his hands on his Desk "First I'm neither Gay nor Lesbian" "I am so sorry, that was for something else" I replied. - I hate you, Kit - Kat! I said to myself in my mind, like a lunatic on steroids. "I would like to learn more about you, Ms Sasha?" I chew on the tip of my pencil, wondering what he was going to ask me next. "Me?" I chuckle, I mean look at me." "I am looking at you, Ms Sasha”, his gaze pierces my soul, like a salted wound. "What are your plans after University?” “I plan on becoming a doctor and helping people”. I replied “Fascinating”. The door slowly creaks open, it's the blonde bombshell, peaking and listening to our conversations. "Mr Liam, you have an appointment with your next client." What ‘kind of client’, I thought to myself, I was deeply lost in my thoughts. “can’t you see I’m busy!, Close the door and tell them I’ll be ready in an hour." The door closes again, the blonde bombshell is gone. "I'll go anyway, I'm getting late", I replied hesitantly "Okay, When will I see you next time?" He replied eagerly “I don’t know, next time when we have another meeting”. I smiled at him and I began to walk to the silver, metallic elevator, I press the button to go down. It arrived, that’s quick I thought to myself. “Ms Sasha, may I kiss you?” He replied. "Am I dreaming right now, A billionaire wants to kiss me, He's also becoming president and I'll become the first - lady”. I shy away, but he grabs my hand vigorously and pushes me into the Elevator, our eyes meet, He pulled me closer to him until our lips met and they locked. At first it was slow paced, but it intensified, rapidly, It was the first time I had been kissed, I was never the attractive one in High School, I never went to Prom, I was always the ugly - duckling, but today this ugly - duckling, wasn’t ugly anymore, she turned pretty and hot like the other ducklings. Without any warnings or worries, I pulled him on top of me, wrapping my legs around his waist - like a black widow. Then, Liam started playing along, His soft, warm fingers slowly unzipped dress and I pulled off his white shirt and grey blazer as he slipped off my dress. We threw our clothes on the elevator floor, besides us. Our kiss broke as Liam worked to unclasp, unfastened my lace Bra. He stared deeply into my green, glistening eyes, as he took, slipped it off, and I let him, I gave him consent. Our lips locked tightly again, deeper this time as gentle, delicate, warmth hands slipped, off my lace underwear I worked to pull off his boxers.

We were both exposed, there was definitely no going back, this time. He tasted tentatively, succulent and juicy with his tongue as he traced it across the bottom of my lip. The caress of his lip almost seemed softer than anybody’s, I’ve known. Soon, we started swallowing each other, making the kissing luscious and more intense. I let out a moan as Liam's steaming, hot, searing breath travelled down my breasts. His fingers pricked my skin soft with his touch. I moaned out his name "Liam, Liam" as he continued vigorously. My milky white, fair hands were tangled in his curly, soft hair. He throws me to the floor like a viscous, beast, Liam’s body thrusts against mine, causing a moan to come out from both of us. I felt a lot of sharp, unimaginable pain, as he moved in and out and back again. Although there was pain, I was patient, I didn’t want to interrupt this moment. The moment became more sensational and beautiful. As Liam worked hard, he was unstoppable, nothing could stop him, our tongues were down each other’s throats. After a while, we became tired, we both let out our final and last groan, Liam resisted to spooning me and wrapped his arms around me and he whispered in my ear “I love you”, “I love you too” I replied, my cheeks turned bright pink. Then, we had our last kiss and said our goodbyes. He stood up and wore his clothes like nothing happened. I also stood up and wore my clothes, I hope Mom doesn’t find out, if she does I’m dead I thought to myself. “Goodbye Ms Sasha, I hope to see you again." I bite my lip and say "I hope too, you're a real charmer", I winked at him.

The elevator door shuts.

I press the down button on the elevator, it lands on the ground floor. The elevator door slowly opens, I see the blonde bombshell talking to the other receptionist, she approaches me, her high heels go click-clack on the vast, granite floor. She smiles at me

“Here’s your coat, Ma’am”. I take the coat and I walk to the exit and I push the black, steel, heavy door. The gates open automatically, I walk and cross the icy, slippery road, the cars roar as I walk past, it sounds monstrous. The neighbourhood is ghost - quite. I enter my workplace: 'Samanthas Coffee shop'. My boss stands there staring at me. "Where have you been Sasha, you're approximately 2 minutes late!" She said loudly, her eyes were bloodshot red.

"I'm sorry It won't happen again, I was busy".

I replied. A small tear rolls down my delicate face. I change my clothes into my work-appropriate clothes. The coffee shop is empty, nobody has eaten for years, it is desolate. The telephone rings loudly, the nose is deafening, I place my finger on the rusty, rotten answer button.


“Hello this is Sasha, what would you like to order.”

“Hello Sasha, this is Logan”

“Who’s Logan”? I replied

“You remember, your boyfriend the one you kissed and you said I was “Hot”.

I fumble with the cord of the telephone, “I don’t know nobody called Logan”. The phone ends abruptly. Sweat rolls down my face, my skin begins shaking uncontrollably. How did Logan contact me? I thought he was locked up behind steel, concrete bars. I said to myself in my mind. No, I must be hearing things again I said to myself. I Ignore it and begin making coffee, I crush coffee beans, it makes a crunching sound. I pour the liquidly coffee into a cup.

“Is the coffee, ready Saha?”

“Yes, it’s ready ma’am!”

I pass it to her.

I had the same routine:

Grind, pull, pour.

Grind, pull, pour.

Grind, pull, pour.

I looked at the clock, it was 3:20 pm

I quickly changed into my casual clothes, I walk to the decaying door and I push my hand against it and open the door. As I exit, my phone flickers and flashes, I receive a notification from Liam. I swipe the lock-screen with my gentle hands, I scroll down to see what he sent me. It reads: Hello it’s Liam, can you please come to my apartment, it’s located on Pennsylvania Avenue, it’s the massive white building - Where Presidents live. I tap my fingers delicately on the keyboard and I type: Sure, umm I’ll be there. I finally arrived, I knock on the white stone door. I open the door and I say “Hello it’s me, Sasha”.

"I'm upstairs!" shouts Liam frantically. I proceeded to climb the stairs of the hallway, I gaze up and I see a shimmering, golden chandelier. I look around and it is a wonderful place. I finally reach the top. Liam's hands slowly touch my back they move back and forth, he kisses me on the lip. I pull him off of me.

"Seriously, Liam?" I replied

He whispers in my ear "Close your eyes I have a gift for you".

I follow his command and close my eyes, I hold his hand and he walks me to the bathroom.

The bathroom is crispy clean, no dirt in sight the jacuzzi is filled with bubbles it is magnificent to look at.

"You can open your eyes now" he replied

I open them

“Wow this is beautiful!” I replied

He touches my smooth hips and he says “take your clothes off”.

I follow his instructions and take my clothes off . I lay in the warm, hot jacuzzi, he takes off his clothes and he jumps in with me.

“You’re hot”.

“Thank you” I blush uncontrollably, my cheeks turn rosy pink.

He kisses me our lips meet and lock, my supple breasts were full and satin - smooth, ready to be worshipped by his tongue. Liam’s body thrusts against mine, I felt a sharp pain. I moan out his name "Liam, Liam”. He slowly kisses my legs with his hot lips, Our lips meet again, the kiss intensified, there was no going back now. A groan comes out from both sides, He gazes into my eyes.

“Mhm” replied Liam who was enjoying every bit of it.

He grips my ass and he slaps it, he moans.

We slowly get tired, we let out our final moan, I wrap my arms around him like a python, our lips meet for the last time, he French kisses me, our tongues were down each other’s throats, his tongue slides into my mouth. It was succulent and juicy.

We both step out of the bubbly, white Jacuzzi,

“Did you enjoy it?” A grin appeared on his face

“Yes” I chuckle, “It was magical” I replied in a posh English accent.

He smiles at me, he wears his clothes and proceeds to leave.

I get changed into my party clothes and I exit.

I twist the door knob and open the door, I walk down the luxurious hallways made out of gold and diamonds.

I see Liam who is busy talking on the phone to his Friend.

I walk and approach the daunting door, I open it slowly, I walk home.

I turn the golden, rusty key, the door slowly opens. I see my friend ‘Emma’ who is having sexual intercourse with her hot boyfriend on the couch.

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