A Beautiful Exhaustion

This will be a collection of poetry I've written over the past year


8. Take A Minute

Why don't you,


Take a minute

And think about it

Before you say it

It's about time

That you've been,

knocked down.

Confident? No,


That's what you are

You dont think,

before you speak

The words just

come tumbling out

You don't think,

before you act

What you don't know

is that actions,

are much louder

than words.

But, your words

still strike a match

while your actions,

they add kerosene

And then,

the fire spreads

and spreads

and spreads

And of course,

the firefighters.

They're on their way

But sadly,

it's too late

Because your fire,

has already destroyed

Everything in it's path

And that girl,

that you pushed down

and then walked over

she's gone

And along with her,

that boy

and the countless

others that you

have ruined.

While the only

Damage you got

was a minor burn

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