Sincerity is just (Three Short Poem-like Stories), it talks about Life, and then goes into someone else's life. Sadly, it's a true story based on real events. But it's not a reported story. It's a story that I gathered a few years ago from my past. My best friend's dad was a Police Officer, he worked on the force. And he told me some stories that I was curious to know about. I didn't show as much interest back then, but I hope this makes up for it. Rest In Peace - Boy I never knew...


1. Sincerity

Dreaming is unreal, it's fragments of memories seeps through our minds,

Father's snoring keeps us up through the night, never once stopping to say 'Goodnight'

Tragic as it is, death opens its arms for us to accept forgiveness for those we leave behind,

Death empties our wallets, holds the cards, whilst it mocks our existence between blurred lines,

Fortune is riddled with rigged systems that fail to comprehend the basic mathematics,

Power is taken by those who wish for it, power is given to those who hate it,

Driving is a dream, once it comes true you'll wish you could go back to driving a toy car,

Accidents happen, but once life is taken from you, you have to accept that it's your fault,

Dreaming is unreal, so many of us dream, none of us sleep without, it seems . . .


Forgetfulness is part of our minds trickery, it laughs at us as we try to remember what's real to us,

Manipulation is driven by those who enjoy control, controlling those who wish upon a star,

Thieves are forgetful, leaving behind clues, today is a world where if you snooze you lose,

Goodbyes are the hardest things to do, but when it's saying goodbye to a thief- It's toodle-oo,

Remembrance is our demons seeping through our dreams, our life before has now been left behind,

Dying is essential for others to exist, our existence is remembered by those who knew we existed,

Once forgotten you'll be happy, as nobody needs to know, who you are, what you were, and what you could been,

Family is everything for some, but friends mean more to others- sometimes friends are left behind too,

Friends are enemies, friends are friendly, others just exist to make our lives feel like plenty,

Romance is dying, and nothing proves this more than a social connection to someone's front door.


Pain is our existence hurting as we realise that life itself is meaningless without someone else,

Fire is what burns, scars are what remains, wounds are just temporarily to make us remember,

Life is living, life is worth living, once you know the truth- you'll wish you knew it sooner,

Existence is sad, emotional, as it means you exist for the soul purpose of being an individual,

Connection is tragic, it never fails to amuse others, it's a stupid system that destroys families,

Relationships are painful, some can be rewarding, others can go south for the winter, no longer caring whether you are human or just boring.

Bullying is aggression, it's reason to exist is no more than jealousy, your better looks mock those who are considered 'ugly', sadly it's life, and that's not just kindness, it's like a knife going in as someone strikes you with blindness.

Grounding is performance, it's structure holds us together, a community is crazy whilst others demand it,

Governments are vile, sick human beings, but without their existence we'd never smile,

Say what you want, say what you will, once can't write back to someone who is Ill,

Sickness is twisted, sickness is mental, emotional pain that fails to present itself to others,

Hiding is cowardly, sometimes it's worth it, others choose to be forgotten as they no longer feel worthy,

Suicide is optional, but for others its the only choice they have left, whilst some choose to give up, others try to comprehend it.

Living alone is a sad story to tell your kids, others may love it as they don't have to worry about another,

Screaming is release, it's easy to scream when someone has scared you, frightfulness is kindness as sometimes it's just a practical joke to play on your blindness,

Freedom is just a dream, sleep well, forget everything you've read here, 

Because one day you will awaken, you will see everything you have in front of you-

taken from you by the cold hand that we call:



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