Sincerity is just (Three Short Poem-like Stories), it talks about Life, and then goes into someone else's life. Sadly, it's a true story based on real events. But it's not a reported story. It's a story that I gathered a few years ago from my past. My best friend's dad was a Police Officer, he worked on the force. And he told me some stories that I was curious to know about. I didn't show as much interest back then, but I hope this makes up for it. Rest In Peace - Boy I never knew...


3. Sexuality

Twelve years on, candles lit in front of me, no father to disrespect my birthday,

Mother in hospital, nowhere to be seen, I'm alone again with a birthday cake, life sure can be mean,

Dim lighting all over the room, darkness surrounds me as if I was back in her womb,

Sad as it sounds, it's almost like that should be the way it should be, I should be back there than out here alone,

I blew out the candles, didn't even make a wish, this time I wanted everything to just perish,

Myself, my mother, and whatever is left of this tortured family, nothing seems out of place except me,

The room was now completely shadowed, not a single object could be seen around the room,

a few tears rolled down my eyes that day, even daylight wasn't enough to make me feel okay.


1 year later, I've turned the big 1... 3... it's hardly an achievement without my family,

Mother died, I never mentioned this before, I never had the right mindset to tell you about this event,

she dried in hospital a day after my birthday, candles were out again, nobody had lit them this time,

no family come round to comfort me, child services open my door, I'm greeted by smiling faces,

they tell me that I'm better off with them, I'm better off with people around me,

I tell them: "I don't want anyone, no more, I just want to be alone."

They try their cheap ways of comforting me, lying to me, tricking me, but none of it worked,

I ended up alone just the way I wanted to be,

I went outside to play next to my mother's favourite tree,

I must have been stupid or maybe I was thinking there was hope,

I spoke to the tree as if my mother would still be with me,

"Mother? I'm sorry for not being there for you as you were always there for me, you stopped the mean man from hurting me. You kept me safe, but you never spoke much so it was hard to tell whether you were okay or not."

"Please forgive me, I can't live with myself if you hate me too. Maybe that's just it, maybe I hate myself for than I hate YOU! I know you are with her, you always have to be around her. And you lie to her, trick her, and even make me sound like I'm the problem in the family, but you know full well that I was the one who wanted a better life."

"You drove her away as if beating me up was not enough for you. You may have been drinking, but that doesn't excuse your actions, I even told the child services that you were the reason for my bad health. Hope you're happy up there, I'm sure you get better treatment up there than I do down here... I still love dad, but I just can't forgive you."

3 years later, I went outside the other day after a friend of mine treating me to a coffee. It was a real strong latte, work was quite tough, hadn't seen much problems lately. As I left the house with my family behind, I was happy that my wife had gotten the job she had always wanted. Now I'm driving these lonely roads, not a single person seems to care. I turn on the lights, and it seems like everyone is now aware. It's looking good, you know, I've got it all under control. Fastened my seat belt, drove out towards the hills, found another quiet house where it looked to have history. A few pictures here, a few pictures there, the door was wide open. Quite strange, I entered the first room, it was quite cold. Nobody there to greet me, not even someone who could have been old. I guess I jumped to conclusions thinking elderly may live in this house. 

As I went towards the kitchen, I noticed something missing from the shelf. All knives were in order, someone clearly likes their cutlery. As I saw the open window, I couldn't believe someone had been so thoughtless. I went outside to explore the garden, flowers were in order; someone clearly likes their gardening. As I stepped out into the sunshine where the house had been blocking most of it. I noticed what I wish I had never seen in my entire experience in the force.

This was quite the guess, I'd say he looked about thirteen, ten at the best. The strangest part to my discovery was that this boy? He was wearing a dress. Sadly, I don't think anyone knew about what he had done. Hanging from a tree, a thick rope that clearly had been planned for his tragic goodbye. It kills me to say this; 'he may have been troubled, but I can't understand why nobody had noticed this.' Not even his neighbours seemed to have mentioned this. I checked all reports, and this was a new case, I was happy to be on it, but not see this poor innocent soul face to face. 

Now... it's over, it's been six years down the line, and I still won't forget that poor boy's life. Looking into everything, the history, it had all been unreported. Apart from some health problems with his mother. She never seemed to know much about him, and the father seems to be a mystery. Nothing came up, and I guess that's where the real misery comes in. This boy never knew that he had a step-father, and this father that left him was just someone to replace his real one. Whether the mother knew this is hard to tell, it all dates back to when she called her home: 'HELL'

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