Sincerity is just (Three Short Poem-like Stories), it talks about Life, and then goes into someone else's life. Sadly, it's a true story based on real events. But it's not a reported story. It's a story that I gathered a few years ago from my past. My best friend's dad was a Police Officer, he worked on the force. And he told me some stories that I was curious to know about. I didn't show as much interest back then, but I hope this makes up for it. Rest In Peace - Boy I never knew...


2. OFF-Switch

Two eyes opened for the first time ever, everyone was smiling, happy to be together,

Gender was something they didn't quite know, it happened to be a boy or a girl,

A few years later, this child that happened to exist; grew up quite nicely without the iron first,

No violence, no pain, just happiness with a family that seemed quite sane.

Two years later, she awakens again, a visit from the doctor tells her that her father is sick,

Mother has no words, she seems quite silent,

Father is docile whilst calm, just not quite violent.

Sickness happens to be the first word that entered her mind, she had learnt this from a doctor,

surely he knows more than she does, but the doctor doesn't mention the tragic side of things,

Father has a few years left to live, not long ago he was pushing this kid on a swing,

'Higher, go higher' a cute voice spoke out, father continued to push her as she would shout,

Mother was lonely, she never watched Father sharing happiness with his son / daughter,

She didn't even think that he was a great father figure, she happened to take pills whenever he'd be away,

The kid knew this as father started showing anger, and that meant bringing out the belt,

as school started not long down the time, this kid was bruised, beaten, and almost going blind,

Mother didn't say a word, still silent like the blue bird outside the window,

It had landed quite poorly, fallen from the sky,

Mother would cry, she loved birds, something about sweet innocence is what made her voice be heard,

Father ignored her many times ago, then the kid got emotional as father showed no kindness,

after school had ended, a teacher pulled the father aside;

'these bruises, these scars, all of this must be from you'

An accusation is what he knew, and told the teacher to step down for once, stop acting like you are the ruler,

Father drove home in anger, the kid didn't feel happy no more, dark clouds filled the car as he drove back,

What used to be a house on a happy hill was no more than darkness surrounded by heavy rain, and thunder that would never end.

Rainy days were the worst for this kid, father left home with the sick mother worrying whether she'd have another,

Nobody wants a brother or sister, this kid was alone and somewhat happy to a degree,

yet mother seemed to want a little brother or sister for the kid who happened to be me,

I didn't quite know how to say this to you all,

My father was aggressive, violent as a boar, he never let me watch TV or have my own space,

instead I'd be beaten and blood would be dripping down my sad little face,

Mother would try to get him away fro me, but then the drinking started which is when I learnt maths,

Father had gone from 0 to x 3- and this time he seemed more aggressive than me.

I'll admit I was quite a cheeky devil, I always caused some kind of trouble as a kid,

but now father sees me as a waste of space, he even once told me that I was just half of the entire Race,

Mother comforted me whenever she could, then the loud footsteps began coming up to my room,

I left the door open just this once, I accepted the beating from his belt, his fists, and even got kicked,

Mother wouldn't call any services, it just happened to be that she too was thinking of me,

Father didn't cry when he attacked me, he smiled a whole lot more than mother, he seemed quite pleased,

and then one day later- he turns around to me;

"I'd like another, wouldn't you? A little brother or sister?"

I cried so hard that day, he didn't even consider the thoughtlessness that he had given me,

where was my happiness, you just divided it by 3.

You may be higher, but I don't want no brother or sister,

I'm alone and that's the way it will always be,

Alone forever, little old me

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