Seated in darkness, they await the unknown night to return. Nobody knows the time, nobody knows the hours ticking by. Everything in reality is non-existent, but they know they are human; humans are monsters, right? Welcome to DUST, a partial story that doesn't harm the audience. Unlike our own reality... We suffer from memory loss, they don't know it yet. Don't judge the women in this story as the men won't defend them. Women need defending? This story is about to question everything you think you know. Welcome to DUST . . . - To Ashes?


2. [CH.2] The Beauty of False Creation


From Ashes To . . . 

Silence, speaking walls of those who dared to whisper. Whispering to change the stable to unstable. Insanity fulfils the madness that grows inside those who wait. Impatience, invisible to those who ignore the voices. They all speak on the inside; the outside is the unapproachable. Night lurks just like the creatures that await those who fail to comply. Every woman tries to sleep without thinking about their loss. Whether it's their baby no longer safe with mother by their side, or the uncertainty of whatever happened to the something missing.  

Beauty of False Creation 

Sitting alone with curtains no longer closed, a woman stands up from the chair fading into darkness behind her. Other women look on as this lady standing tall catches the attention of those who are near. Her face behind a mask of some sort, her nails longer than usual. Her skin unnatural, eyes forced open to watch the audience who sit unknowing what will happen to those who try to walk away. Upon a close-up is her legs like twigs, metal bone structures sitting tall on top of her feet. Her face showing no expression, her lips breaking away from decay. 

Long hair that had been shredded by some kind of unknown instrument. Pure growth, her eyes bled from the inside with her pupils dilated. The other woman watched on as this lady stood closer to the audience. More of her body was on display; bones stretching out into arc-like wings. Her hands skeletal, skin stretched over her body. Underneath her skirt was a pulsating substance that looked glued to her thighs. Her movement very doll-like, almost like a ballerina forced to a posture. The other women watched on as the lady's mouth jolted, opening wider than usual. As her mouth widened, her lips grew from being stretched, her whole face being squeezed to the middle.  

"H-E-L... P Me..." The first voice ever heard in such a place of silence.  

Every woman screamed in fear as the lady's body folded over with a pulsating lump inside her stomach. Her chest about ready to burst, her words weren't forgotten. It was almost familiar, they all recalled saying something just like her. The lady dropped into the audience with body still moving in a weird fashion. Their screams echoed throughout the encased walls. It wasn't long until this beauty was taken away by a cloaked figure. Another woman screamed for her baby to be safe, her mouth covered whilst being dragged away.  

One by one, they were silenced by the darkness. Their screams became muzzled, a minority tried to run towards any direction they could. A mother with long blonde hair ran towards a bright light. A crowd of three women disappeared into the shadows. Leaving behind a few who were unsure, they instead continued to be seated. They sat with anticipation for the next act to pursue. Out of the five who stayed, another two were taken by creatures' unseen in the darkness.  


"I've witnessed it, the strange happenings that happen out of nowhere. My baby was taken by what I can only describe as a true nightmare to be seen up close." 

Across one of the rivers where some women go, a place that is known to a minority as a feeding zone. They don't always make it there, some of them taken by the darkness. Others left fighting for survival in a river that feeds on them. There are many women that manage to arrive there with anticipation to be fed something. Most of them show up with deep cuts, bruises of all kinds, wounds that can't be healed. Some even miss a part of their body; an arm, a leg, fingers, toes. It's more common for the woman to die before she even manages try the food.  

Others go crazy whilst in there not knowing whether it's a trap. The unfair judgement that is passed on to those who are dying from starvation. Some women who are just skin and bones fall into the river losing the ability to climb. Others who have been fed too much are carried away by the rivers. Those who have eaten too much can be seen as prey, while the skinnier women feed on them. The feeding zone had no intention of ever becoming a dog eat dog world. Uncertain is the truth, whether the feeding zone was a trap or a place where the trapped could feed themselves.  

Those who have suffered witness what happens to those who try to run back to the darkness. Countless screams are heard whenever someone tries to run with footsteps following behind them. Anyone who has tried to fight off the creatures who feed on those who are trying to satisfy their own starvation are killed instantly. They have no morals, no respect for the ones who are too weak. It's always satisfaction to feed in the feeding zone, but once you try to leave it becomes a nightmare. Anyone who tries to escape makes it back dead or barely breathing.  

Entry A 

I've tried to feed my family, I have one as far as I'm aware. I dare not to speak to the others, I dare not to trespass near the rivers. Breast feeding is all I know in this place, it's the only way to keep your own child safe. But the mothers feed elsewhere, on each other, or they dare to go to a secret place not known to all. I dared, I went to the feeding zone; this place is vile, it's unapproachable to those with the weak hearts. I fought my way to the top, I got myself something for my baby. It was food, I think. They don't know what they are eating out there, we are forced to scavenge for anything we need. The creatures, the shadows, the voices... they hate us. 

After feeding myself, I even wrapped a clump of this substance, it was food. They all dined on it, I wrapped it in my sleeve holding it as tight as I could. When you leave that place, you think it's going to be easy to get back. No, I watched countless others be dragged away. Sharp claws into flesh, appendages with sharpness lunging into those who tried to crawl away? The river is no better, many who die go there to get away from everything. Dying in that river may be suicide, but it's not the way to go. I still ask myself why I'm fighting, why am I still here? You suffer no matter what happens, starvation might be the easiest way to go here. Drowning is not simple, the screams that come of that river... I dare not go near them again. 

No food, I dare not go near those rivers. My baby was taken from me, whatever time it was- it was taken from me! They didn't show it any mercy, I had to watch it be silenced in front of me. I was offered a chance to redeem myself to them, I gave them my life for my baby's safety. Now, I'm somewhere, I don't even know where. They dragged me across the rivers, onto some kind of contraption. Others were there, grieving for their losses. They kept crying out for their children. Now, I have no idea where we are. I just know that I'm going to die. There is no way I'm going to make it out of here. 

The Unprotected of Loyalty 

Awakening from a deep slumber, her eyes opened for the first time in what felt like forever. Her hands were trapped, her body could not move. The silence around her caused her to assume the worst, as nobody was near her. The first thing that appeared were curtains closing on audience outside. As she looked down towards her toes pointing upwards; she could see many tears on many faces. Taking a deep breath, she awaited whatever it was that had trapped her. Nothing showed up, she lay there feeling paranoid, paranoia was growing on her like some kind of infested worm inside her brain.  

Manifesting on her memory, she had no idea why she was trapped. As she looked up after hearing scurrying sounds. Tiny legs moving one after the other on the ceiling above her. She bit her bottom lip hard trying to stay calm. She looked up again, scanning the ceiling from left to right. As far as she could see, there were millions of legs scurrying. The curtains had been closed for what she believed was hours. Moving her head to the right, she felt something drop from the ceiling onto her left foot. 

Trying not to scream, she wriggled her feet hoping to knock it off. One after the other dropped, she started to feel itchy. Tears rolled down her cheeks, she tried to hold back her screams. As she looked up she could now see a larger creature scurrying across the ceiling. She closed her eyes hoping it would be a dream, as many more dropped onto her legs, she started to feel the scurrying on her skin. Kicking her legs up and down, she tried to get them off her. It wasn't long until the bed she was in dropped to the side. Fortunate, she had an escape opportunity.  

Falling onto her side, she could now see the creatures that were crawling on her skin. Tens-to-thousands of little legged creatures running across the floor. She had a chance to scratch, she scratched everywhere it itched like crazy. Leaving red blotches on her skin, she bit deeper into her lip trying to keep mouth closed. As she crawled onto her hands and knees; she attempted to leap towards one of the walls. As she leapt a chain held her left ankle in place. She got pulled back a little trying to drag herself across the floor amongst the creatures.  

Looking up, she could see that millions of these creatures lurking on the ceiling. Tiny legs, black shiny eyes; almost like pearls. Tiny little fangs, miniature secondary fangs. Holding in her screams was becoming more difficult as she rolled towards the wall. The floor creaked, she kicked all of the creatures attempting to climb onto her. Some crawling up her legs, others crawling around her feet. With more aggression she smashed her heels off the concrete crushing some of them. Trying everything she could possibly do to kill them, she had managed to kill many. More dropped from the ceiling with every individual creature that had lost its life to her. 

With a final attempt to crawling, she could not break free from the chain. The floor continued to creak as the ceiling started to break apart with many particles of dust escaping from the cracks. The creatures soon fell onto the floor with the larger one nowhere to be seen. Her whole body was now covered in layers upon layers of dust and debris. Her face was covered in tiny creatures trying to bite her. She kept her mouth shut, using her other foot to kick the chain off the latch.  

Before she could break free away from the creatures. The floor gave way, as it caved in on itself. Every creature had no fair chance of survival, many died. As the floor crumbled into the darkness, an endless abyss below her. She hung from the chain wrapped around her ankle. The force of the pull started to cause her pain, she let out a wheeze, she tried not to groan in pain. Not moving any part of her body, she stayed still trapped hanging from the chain in the wall. It was at this moment when she had realised that her life could be over.  

Taking one final deep breath, she stretched reaching out with her hands. Her arms extended to full ability grasping the chain with all her might. Lifting herself towards the chain in agony, she dragged herself climbing up the chain as it pulled more on her ankle. She stayed calm even with the creatures climbing down the chain over her hands. After many bites on her wrist, her fingers; she had reached the starting point of the chain in the wall.  

Holding the latch with all of her might, she tried to stretch her feet towards the second latch going up the wall. Twisting her body around was almost impossible for her, but with complete agony taking hold, she could not take the pain. Reaching the second latch with her fingers still intact; she climbed to the very top of the open ceiling. Lifting herself out with the chain almost free from the wall, her survival skills were impressive, so she thought.  

"My name is Elise, I escaped certain death. It did not hold be back, the chain was not the worst part? I managed to break free, the chain is now part of me. I have no way to break free of the chain around my ankle. The strain as embedded it into my flesh." She couldn't help herself, she had to speak in her mind. Her own little private diary of the events she had been through.

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