Seated in darkness, they await the unknown night to return. Nobody knows the time, nobody knows the hours ticking by. Everything in reality is non-existent, but they know they are human; humans are monsters, right? Welcome to DUST, a partial story that doesn't harm the audience. Unlike our own reality... We suffer from memory loss, they don't know it yet. Don't judge the women in this story as the men won't defend them. Women need defending? This story is about to question everything you think you know. Welcome to DUST . . . - To Ashes?


1. [CH.1] The River of Uncertainty


From Ashes To . . . 

Short-sighted, blinded by those who wronged her. Her short memory span stopped her from thinking about those she once loved. Two shadowy hands held together in a lonesome night with a thick vial of ink left to sit in darkness. Shortness known as a downfall, a spiral that takes hold of those prisoners without letting anyone slide through an open space. Whether it be man, whether it be woman, these are the ones who always perish first. Women were trained in dim lit rooms; their sight would rely on a brighter light that shines upon them.  



Every night would be a night of forgiving, where they’d all join hands trying to forget their endless mistakes. The night that approached them left some scars behind. A woman with her robe torn from shoulders to her chest. They watched on as others were escorted out of the darkness, leaving behind children to drag themselves to a brighter light. The men were nowhere to be seen, just countless women being taken by the sudden changes. A shadowy cloaked figure would appear every night to take one woman, one child, and a dying elder across a lake of uncertainty.  



No voices were ever spoken at night, it was a wonder to how some of the wretched humans knew what the cloaked figure voice resembled. Others left to shake in fear, frightened of the shadows. One dying elder recalled past events that led to their own family being eradicated from this place not known to them. Whether it was a change of heart, or it was some kind of deed that had been left for others to suffer from. Nobody knew why they were being taken away at night. Not even the wisest elders knew about what happens to those who leave in the unknown hours. 



The Bright Room 

Blessed by the elders who hold a candle to the flame that burns away flesh. These beings were amongst the shadows that approached them at night. Shortness was a well-known word amongst them, and at no point did they ever dare to speak to each other. Their communication was passed around by those who held a light. This bright light would reveal the faces of those who shrouded themselves in darkness. Dying light was something that would be gifted to an elder who suffered the most. Whilst a young elder would be dragged away towards a pool of dyed liquid.  



On the same night another woman was dragged towards the pool that lit up by dim lit candles. Her hair being torn off by a bulky figure that approached her without a sound, her baby taken by a shadow that followed behind her. It screamed out for its mother, crying like they all do. The elders watched on as the horrific events unfolded, leaving the mother to be drowned in a pool that had no end as far as they were aware. This watery grave was known to the elders, to a woman shrouded in darkness? It was a surprise for them all, and it would always leave a child behind without any knowledge of where that child disappears to. The elders would take the drowned woman towards a room that nobody knew existed.  



Motherly Love 



“I beg for her life to be saved. Foreshadow on myself to become the greater kin, I miss the times where she was safe.”  

On that very same night, another woman had given birth to two babies that were taken by the shadows. As she watched her first baby be thrown into a large sack, the second one was taken by the one who travels across the rivers. She wasn’t told anything; no words were spoken that night. She cried, as the others showed no remorse. No empathy was given, no sympathy for her own losses. She was left alone in darkness as her comfort, this was all she had left.  



After crying for what she believed was hours, a creature with a long spine approached her. Her eyes dilated, she could not believe what was infront of her. The other women watched on as the curtains closed. It was uncertain, nobody knew whether she was taken away. Others had thoughts that the curtains meant the end, but they recalled back to another night when the events had taken place. A crying mother is left alone, while the baby suffers the worst fate. They only believe in such tales, it’s all make believe. The more intelligent minority believe that the baby is safe.  



The creature that left the night was only witnessed by a few grieving mothers. A nightmare that happens to live beside you is what takes hold of your sanity. It wasn’t long until another woman was taken by the very same creature that left at unknown hours. This woman started to count down from a number she recognised most. Within this time the creature had left her to freeze in fear. Unknown to her, the baby she believed was born did not exist. A bright light lit up the darkness for a split second, as she caught glimpse of a close relative known to her before the past events. 



“If she is not saved, then recall my concern. I breathe the souls of others, I take in the guidance you give to them. Rebirth is what I believe, rebirth is my love.” 



Gender Indentification - Passage 

Paragraph 9 

I believe that there is a place that is holy, this is the world we live in. Recall my intentions, I removed my own skin for the kindness of others. Believe in a better world, I follow the darkness that ensnares us all. Blinded by the bright lights, I give in to the souls above. Foreshadowing my events, I recall you on being my father. You were known to me as the unholy one, but I soon put out your flame. This was my mistake, my own choice that led to my own demise. It’s suitable for us, I believe in a better person. 



Paragraph 11 

Shaking its hand while I knew that the emptiness you unveil is what is hidden from us all. You hide secrets in the emptiness, the nothingness that exists inside of you. All of your mistakes are hidden too. You hide your shame, you hide a murderous life behind you. I shall find the truth, I shall believe in a better life. You are the emptiness that we all have inside of us. Staring into you is like staring into a mirror of ages. It changes with time, but uncertainty brings us all to fear what is unknown. 



The River of Uncertainty 

Written in stone among the walls of screams, the people walk away with their shoulders held higher than usual. Skeletons float in the lake on the other side, it’s approachable by the elders. Their robe never torn reveals that truth of why the river flowers towards the lake. The uncertainty is the faith of those who believe in such a fate, whether they could consume the restless souls of others. Once taken by the shadows, the river leads to other unknown locations. There is no knowledge sculpted on the books, there is no words whispered by anyone who knows something. Nobody knows anything, it’s all uncertainty on whether anyone knows anything. 


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