Guys in the city

Gemma Baldock, a 27-year old freelancer from New York, writes a column about dating guys in the city. From the nerd to the respected business man. Throughout her journey, she meets guys with potential to steal her heart - but who will ruin the relationship first?


1. Son of Jesus

Guys in the city


Chapter 1 -  Son of Jesus

’’God, can I come over? Peter is killing me, he’s doing naked yoga. I’m sure a lot of women would appreciate it, but him spreading his legs makes me wanna skip lunch.’’ Amanda had only been with Peter for two months, so far her longest relationship – after her almost husband to be, they lastet three years. He left with a younger version of Amanda, though the younger version was so young I doubted it was legal. ’’I can’t, I’m late for a date with that computer guy.’’ Twenty minutes to be exact, still running around in my apartment trying to find my stilettos and talking to Amanda at once. Nearly tripping over five pairs of shoes, I finally found them. Telling Amanda, a goodbye, promising I’d call after the date, I ran out of the door, down the stairs, grabbing the first cab I saw. This date was my third this week, and it was only Thursday. I’ve been on over 500 dates, still single and writing about guys habits on dates. The cab stopped near the cafe, I gave him twenty dollars, telling him to keep the change. I didn’t have time for him to sit and find the change, so I ran out of the car and into the cafe.  The radio was low, but just so I could hear it playing ’True’ by Spandau Ballet. I heard my name being called, for my eyes to find Chris sitting in the corner of the cafe, drinking coffee. I walked towards him, sending him my apologizing smile for being late. ’’It’s okay, I can wait on beautiful women. I’m just glad you came’’. He said, sipping to his coffee, while I sat down. ’’Thank you, that’s nice of you. Can I get a cup of tea? It’s freezing outside.’’ ’’Sure, I’ll be right back’’ he said, leaving the table. I took my coat off, and looked around the cafe. An elder couple, holding each other’s hands, talking over a glass of wine by the windows. My eyes started to wander around outside, it started raining over Manhattan. Pretty usual for a day in November, though a man came running, protecting his head from the rain with a newspaper. He came into the cafe, surely not to buy something warm to drink but to stay dry. Chris came back with the tea, but my eyes stayed just a few seconds later at the man to study him. He was wearing a dark blue coat, on top of a suit that matched the color of his coat. He looked smart, probably in his late 40’s. His hair was turning grey, though it made him look smart and kind of beautiful. My head turned to Chris, thanking him for the tea. ‘’So, tell me about yourself’’ I said, drinking some of my tea. ‘’Well, I’ve been developing games for six years now. It’s mainly freelance work, but I love it. I’m from Ohio, I live in a studio apartment with my cat Joseph. What about you?’’ I thought about it for a second, usually I don’t go into details with my job – it scares people when I say that I’m going to write a column about them. ‘’Well, I’m from New York – born and raised. I’m a freelance journalist, I write a column in ‘Daily Women’. Nothing special, just about... you know, the city.’’ He nodded to my response. ‘’So, your cat, why Joseph?’’ I asked. ‘’Oh, well I’m Christian. So, it was my gift to Jesus other dad, my other dad.’’ He said, smiling by the thought of God. ‘’Your dad’s name is Joseph?’’  He laughed a little, shaking his head ‘’No, I have to dads; God and Joseph.’’ My eyes went wide, being in a shock for four seconds. It was so strange, and it made me feel quite uncomfortable. ‘’Wow, well I’m not in any religion, the only one that I find interesting is the one with Buddha.’’ ‘’Excuse me, just need to go to the toilet’’ He said, walking to the bathroom. I slipped my dark, long hair behind my ear. I checked the clock, the date had lasted 40 minutes so far. My head rested in my hand and I looked around to see the man from before, sitting close to me. Our eyes met, we exchanged a quick smile before I looked away – nearly blushing. I could feel his eyes, they hadn’t left me yet. I could tell from the corner of my eye, that he was reading the newspaper, probably the one he used as an umbrella. Drinking the last bit of my tea, I started to wonder where Chris were. ‘’Excuse me? I couldn’t help but notice but your date left.’’ The man approached me. I turned towards him, giving him a concerning look, ‘’What do you mean?’’ ‘’Guess you shouldn’t have mentioned Buddha.’’ He laughed a little, sipping to his cup of cappuccino. I had been so busy with the man next to me, that I hadn’t noticed him leaving. ‘’Were you listening to our conversation?’’ I asked, giving him a mad look. ‘’I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. Guess I-‘’ but I didn’t let him finish, I grabbed my coat leaving the cafe. Of course, when I see an attractive man, he’s a stalker. The traffic outside was a nightmare, not a chance I’d be able to get a cab at this moment. I decided to walk my way home, unfortunately it started to rain. My feet were starting to hurt from the 8-centimeter-high stilettos. Suddenly a bus drove by me, splashing me with water. ‘’Idiot!’’ I screamed after the bus, my face felt into my hands almost leaving me crying on the streets in the middle of Manhattan. Without me noticing, a black Mercedes pulls up next to me. In the back of the car, the window rolls down. ‘’Need a lift?’’ It was him, the stalker from the coffee shop. Still looking as handsome as I remembered from five minutes ago. I nodded, and went inside the car when he opened the door.



Thanks for reading. I'm not from an English speaking country, so there might be some mistakes in my writing. I'd love to hear good and bad response. x

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