Guys in the city

Gemma Baldock, a 27-year old freelancer from New York, writes a column about dating guys in the city. From the nerd to the respected business man. Throughout her journey, she meets guys with potential to steal her heart - but who will ruin the relationship first?


2. A night in Paris

Chapter 2 – A night in Paris


‘’Oxford Street, please.’’ I informed the driver. The man from the cafe looked up and down at me, before saying; ‘’It wasn’t my intention to scare you off like that. I apologize, --‘’ He looked at me, searching for a name. ‘’Gemma.’’ I added. ‘’Well Gemma, I really hope we can start over.’’ My eyes met his, they were light blue and they almost hypnotized me. ‘’Sure, but you’ve got to tell me about yourself so I know you aren’t a creep.’’ He smiled, and so did I. ‘’My name is Richard. I work with business, but that’s not interesting. I’m a ‘soon-to-be’ divorced man, currently living at The Four Seasons.’’ I looked down at my fingers playing with each other. ‘’So, you don’t live in New York?’’ I asked, still looking down. ‘’Not yet. I’m moving to New York in a few days. What do you do?’’ I laughed a little, by the thought that he should’ve known from listening to my conversation with Chris. I decided to ignore it, and just answer his question, ‘’I’m a freelance journalist. I write a column.’’ He seemed interested, more than any other I’ve dated had. But before he had the chance to ask me more questions, the car pulled up next to my apartment. I jumped out of the car, turning myself towards the car where Richard had opened the window again. ‘’Thanks for the ride.’’ I said, giving him a smile. ‘’Can I maybe have your number?’’ He asked, and flashed his perfect, white teeth. ‘’Aren’t you in a middle of a divorce?’’ He bit his lips for a second, trying to figure out what he should say. I was faster than him, and my insecurity took over; ‘’Sorry, maybe when you’re a free man?’’ I said, walking away from the car and into the apartment. My heart was racing and I immediately regretted it. Goddammit, you just turned the most handsome man down I thought to myself. Walking up the stairs, I found Amanda sitting at my doorstep. ‘’Thank god, you’re home. Where’s you’re extra key?’’ She asked as soon as she saw me. I opened the door, letting her in first and ignoring her question. ‘’Why didn’t you call me?’’ I said, walking into the kitchen. ‘’I didn’t want to ruin your date.’’ I laughed a little ‘’I ruined that myself.’’ When she was about to ask, I just shaked my head. ‘’You wanna go to Paris?’’ She asked, trying to lighten my mood. ‘’Paris? What are you talking about?’’ ‘’The nightclub, A night in Paris. Jane called, her boss can get us in.’’ Jane is our other friend, she’s the assistant of a huge event planner in New York. It’s insane how many events we’ve been to because of her. ‘’I really have to write this column.’’ She rolled her eyes ‘’Gem, you have the entire day tomorrow. And by the way, you have to do this for me, because I broke up with Peter.’’ I looked directly at her ‘’You what!?’’ Now I was the one rolling my eyes. I took all my wet clothes off, walking into my bedroom. Amanda stood in the doorway, she made a puppy face – her usual face when she wanted something. I sighed, accepting her invitation. Nightclub it was. I knew about the nightclub, everyone did. Fancy drinks, expensive as well. Every night had its own color theme, and today was pink. Thanks to my sense for buying clothes I rarely used, I could finally use my big, fluffy, pink jacket I bought a couple of months back. It didn’t take me long to fix the outfit together, only an hour or two.


22PM and the goal for the night was getting drunk. Amanda and I skipped the queue, some of the benefits by knowing someone that knows someone. Standing in the club, I looked around. The place was crowded with fancy people. ‘’Gem! Amanda!’’ Jane called from one of the tables, and we made our way through the crowd to get to her. ‘’Finally, you came!’’ We hugged, and I sat down. Currently we were just sitting with two of her colleagues. ‘’The guys are coming with some drinks soon.’’ She nodded at the bar. Amanda and I looked over, only to see Richard at the bar. ‘’Glad I broke up with Peter, think I’m going to make a move on that man over there’’ She pointed at him, Richard. Jane laughed a little ‘’He’s with us.’’ Of course he was, the guy that I turned down a few hours ago is of course ‘with us’. I needed alcohol, a lot of alcohol. ‘’I’m going to the bathroom really quick.’’ I said, leaving the table. I could sit in there for a few minutes to make sure the bar was free when I’d come out. I’d forgot how crowded it was, pushing my way through the bathroom. A guy gave me the elbow, and I fell into a tall guy who almost dropped his drinks. ‘’Gosh! I’m so sorry.’’ I said, looking up to find Richards eyes starring right into mine. I blushed, hopefully the lights in the club was too dark to make him notice. ‘’Hi, again’’ his dark voice almost made my knees fall from me. I just smiled, out of nowhere I was suddenly too shy talk to him. ‘’Want a drink?’’ He asked, holding what looked like a martini in front of me. ‘’Sure, I’d love to.’’ Whatever I thought to myself, it had to be faith – right? ‘’So how are you?’’ I asked, but he could barely hear me from the music. He made a sign that we should step outside, so we did. It was cold, really cold. I’d forgotten my jacket inside, so I held my arms around myself. ‘’Here, take my coat’’ he said and swapped it around me. ‘’You didn’t have to, I’m fine.’’ He nodded ironically, starting to lit a cigarette he had drawn out from his coat before swapping it around me. ‘’Smoke?’’ He asked, offering me a whiff. ‘’Why not.’’ I grabbed it, and smoked some of it. ‘’Not every day I meet a gentleman like you. And I’ve met a lot of men.’’ I said, hearing that it made me sound like a whore. Quickly changing the subject, I chose the worst one; ‘’Why are you having a divorce?’’ He took a sip of his own martini. ‘’We grew apart, we wanted different things in life.’’ For a few seconds, I just stood there analyzing him. He had to be two heads taller than me, masculine figure, glowing eyes and an amazing choice of perfume. ‘’What did you want in life? I mean, usually when you marry each other, you want the same things in life’’. He just nodded, looking away and trying to avoid what I just said. ‘’I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to dig into your privacy’’. He laughed saying; ‘’Guess we both been digging around each others privacy today’’. I slipped my hands into his pocket, searching for what I hoped I’d find, a pencil. And I wrote my number on his arm, feeling confident - at that moment.


Her outfit that night;



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