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Maddie a 17-year-old girl living with a huge family is a lot but when everyone pitches in to move that's a lot of help. They moved into a mansion to grow their family but when she has to leave her boyfriend of 2 years and best friend of 7 that was a lot. Here is what happens in the story.


1. CHAPTER 1 Annoucment


Maddie - 17: David - 16: Mike - 15: Weston - 14: Anna - 13: Mia - 12: Jared - 11: Sarah - 9: Gianna - 8: Caleb - 7: Grace and Allie - 5: Serenity - 2:


I wake up to the sound of screaming and yelling at my 13-year-old sister Anna and my 12-year-old sister Mia. They have both been fighting on and on every morning. Today I slept in because of a late start down at the high school here in California.
"Shut up please," I say under my breath. If I were to say that louder they would have started yelling at me. My dad walks in and heads straight over to the girls.
"Please stop you fighting and get dressed some kids are still asleep." My dad says leading them out of the bedroom and down the stairs. 

About an hour passes. I climb down from the top bunk and I leave my bedroom with clothes in my hands. I go down the long hallway and then into my parent's bathroom where my mom and I share the bathroom. I put some makeup and clothes on then I do my hair. I curl my hair and I put it in a high ponytail. 

I walk down the steps still pretty tired. I could see my 11-year-old brother Jared on the couch sleeping.
"Mom, shouldn't he be at school?" I ask trying to be quiet. 
"Well, he is sick so no. Just go with David and Mike today." She tells me. I grab my bookbag off the counter and then My 16-year-old brother David and 15-year-old brother Mike. They are my biological siblings. 

We all head outside to my car and we drive to school. On the way, we listen to a ton of music. It takes us 15 minutes to get to school which that's not bad.

We all head outside to my car and we drive to school. On the way, we listen to a ton of music. It takes us 15 minutes to get to school which that's not bad.

We walk into the school and then I head over to my very best friend Fiona. She was on her phone by my locker most likely waiting for me. I run up to her quickly because I have not seen her at all this weekend. She was Sipping either coffee or water.
"Hi Fiona ready for today," I ask her. Today is the last week of school and we have a game day today. She nods her head and starts talking.

I have done nothing all morning and I am so excited for all classes." She says that right as the bell rang. We go our separate ways. I went to Language arts and she went to Science class. 

I walk into class before any students were there. It's just two classrooms down from my locker. I walk in and Mrs. Bulker rolls her eyes.
"Maddie how many times are you going to wear that white jean jacket!?" She asks me in a kinda rude tone. I got very offended. 
"Why do you care. You know what that's rude. Next time you ask I will tell the principle." I say back to her. I was very sassy and serious about it. 

Many people pour in through the doorway. I listen to my teacher talk about the games we have. She hands out a couple games and I sit with one of my friends Everly. She has blond hair blue eyes and she is just the cutest.


Later after school, the boys come running down the hall. I was waiting for them. We walk to my car and we get in. The whole car ride home was silent for some reason.

We reach home and I walk into the house to see everyone sitting on the couch smiling big.

"Why is everyone so happy?" I ask my dad. 
"Mom and I have an exciting announcement." Says Dad. I sat on the couch with everyone and my mom walks in.

"Okay everyone dad and I have an exciting announcement." She says and everyone stops their feet. "We are moving to Arizona into a mansion." Right as she said the words moving to Arizona I run upstairs crying. David looks at everyone and follows me up the stairs. 

"Aren't you happy." He asks in a concerned voice and sits next to me on my Anna's bed.
"So you think it'd be happy. David, what about Daxton my boyfriend what about Fiona think about the people around us what about your girlfriend Kailey. Just think about it." I say moving bedrooms. I go into my mom's room and I start to cry looking at her family's photos. I have known her for so long. We spend every Chrismas eve together. Jared layed next to me watching TV.

Back in Anna, Mia, and I's bedroom he really never thought about it. He went downstairs and told my mom about all the things we would miss back here but she was not really listening to him. 
"Well, at least what is the date of the move?" He says Trying to have more time. 
"June 16." She says still reading her book. My dad was in the kitchen cleaning and some kids were in the laundry room sorting clothes for their chore.

A couple of my siblings find me in the bedroom listening to me cry. Jared left the room to sleep and Mia sat next to me comforting me. 

That night at dinner I did not say a word to her. She tried talking to me but I wouldn't respond. Once I left the table I did not go to family movie night. I climbed up into the top bunk cried and cried and cried. When Anna tried to get me to take my makeup off I wouldn't. 

I fell asleep with my clothes on makeup on and shoes on. I didn't do anything. 


The next morning I wake up to more yelling and screaming. That fight ended in tears. My makeup was perfectly fine from me sleeping with it so I kept it. I put dark clothing and makeup on and then I left for school with the boys. A couple tears rolled down my face on the way. 

When we got to school I told the boys. 
"If anyone wonders why I am sad to tell them. I am not talking to anyone today." I say to them. I wipe my tears away and they watch me as I talk to no one passing the halls. 

When I reach my locker I hug and then I text her. She reads the text carefully and then we hugged again. 
"You can't move. Who am I going to spend Christmas eve with who am I going to share secerets with who am I going to laugh cry and scream at? That won't mean anything to anyone without you." She says kinda mad. I shrug my shoulders and I leave my locker. The bell rang as I left. I waited outside of class until someone walked in. 

I sat at my desk put my head down and talked to no one. I did that for every class and a lot of people asked. The teachers

let me be because they heard. I walked out of every class almost about to cry. A lot of kids watched me walk down the halls with Fiona and she just stayed with me.

She came with us home and today when Daxton tried to talk to me I wouldn't talk. I texted him and he didn't respond. 

I walk through the front door and I run upstairs and she followed along. We hid in my bedroom and I cried to her. Ever since I heard the news I felt like I didn't leave closed doors.

Later that day Fiona and I layed in my bed. She looked at my body and how miserable it was. My mom came in and she sat next to me on Mia's bed. 
"What date are we moving why are we moving," I say to her a little calmer than before. 
"June 16 and because we are letting in more foster kids." I look at her and then Fiona and we both start crying. 

Later that night I spend the night with Daxton. My mom tells me for both of us to skip school. That hard part about thinking about it is We live at the very top of California. 

Late that night Daxton takes me out of the house and takes me down to the beach. We sit there by the water and I don't really talk much.
"I know you are going to miss me but I will spend every summer with you and I am sure Fiona will too." He says pulling me into a hug and kissing me on the forehead. I stay in the hug having small tears running down my face.

Late that night I walk back home. The beach is only a couple blocks from my house. 
I go upstairs and I lay in bed better than before.


The next morning I wake up at 9:00. Today apparently David took my car and we will see how it looks when he gets back. My mom walks into my bedroom to see if I was awake. 
"You awake because this house needs to start packing." My mom says trying not to make me cry.
"Ya, I am," I say stretching my arms up way in the sky then getting down from the top.

I go downstairs to the kitchen and I grab something to drink. Jared was still home and I sat next to him on the couch. He sits next to me and we watched movies as my mom went room to room cleaning. I am missing the last day of school because of moving.


So I have missed half the day sitting on the couch depressed. All my siblings walk in the door and everyone starts to pack. In the basement, we had a movie room and that's all packed up. 

The night eneded quickly because everyone packed and that was it. I think we even skipped dinner. 


That was the end of chapter one. As you can see Maddie cares about her friends.

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