Saved me✨🖤 || Maniggy

Jeordie wanted to kill himself but just at the right time a guy called Brian saved him. But what will happen when Jeordie is without his hero? When Brian can't save him? Will Brian find him dead? Or alive? ��


8. 8

When we arrive at my home I sit down immediately on the couch and only a few seconds later, Jeordie sits next to me. "Now tell me what's going on, you know I'm always there for you, no matter what happened." I say to him. He lays his head on my shoulder and starts to talk.

Jeordie POV

After I've told Brian everything, I still have my head on his shoulder but feel  a tear runs down my cheek. As much as I try not to cry. I have to do it.

"Thanks for telling me, I'll help you ok?" Speaks Brian and breaks the silence. "Are you tired?" He asks me and looks me in the eyes and  I look down.

"Y-yes, a little bit." It was already very late and a lot has happened today so I was actually more than a little tired.

"I'll bring you a blanket and then you can sleep on the couch if you don't mind."

"No, its okay." I say and see how Brian goes away. But a short time later he comes back with a pillow and a blanket in his hand.

"That's the only thing I found." Brian puts the two things next to me on the couch. "Ok Jeordie good night, I think we both need some sleep now."

"Good night." I also say and am a little sad that I can't sleep with him. I wished to fall asleep next to him.

I put the pillow to one end of the couch and lie down on it. I take the blanket and pull it over me. After felt hours, I finally fell asleep.

Everything is quiet. I sleep like a stone. You can't hear a sound. Everything is dark a deep black engulfs my little sleeping body.

Suddenly something pulls the blanket away and I open my eyes. Don't move. What's this? Who pulled the blanket? Quickly I take the blanket back to me and hope that I only imagined it. But just when I took the blanket, it's pulled away again. This time not directly in front of the couch but at the other end of the living room. As I sit down on the edge of the brown couch, I hear a creepy voice whispering. "Don't do it. Don't do it." Again and again I hear that voice. I look around frightened. who or what is that? Suddenly, I see a shadow on the wall in my corner of my eye and hastily look to it. But all I see is a blank white wall. "Hello?" I say in a normal volume but no one answers. Slowly I get really panic. I sit with my legs on my body in the corner of the couch and hope that it passes. As I do this, I suddenly see a figure standing in front of me. It's not human. But it is not an animal either. I want to scream but nothing comes out of my open mouth. The figure is getting closer and closer to me. It stands with only a small distance in front of me as the figure bends down to me and I can see in the face. Red eyes. No nose. Open mouth. I feel the warm breath on my skin and think that these are my last minutes on this earth.

Sweat bathed, I sit upright on the couch. Look around hastily. A dream. Luckily. But I'm still scared. Should I go to Brian and wake him up or just stay here and be afraid? Oh fuck it. I'll go to him.

Slowly I get up from the couch and look around again and again. As fast as I can I run to the stairs and thanks to the moonlight, I can easily get up the stairs.


Ok guys I've never wrote a scary situation. But if you like it you can give me a like or comment. Thanks.🥀🖤

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