Saved me✨🖤 || Maniggy

Jeordie wanted to kill himself but just at the right time a guy called Brian saved him. But what will happen when Jeordie is without his hero? When Brian can't save him? Will Brian find him dead? Or alive? ��


6. 6

Jeordie POV

One and a half hours later I wake up. I must have fallen asleep when I thought. I dreamed of just running away and never coming back to this house. Brian is taking care of me and he is always with me.

I think about this dream for a few minutes and then I run to my closet take my backpack and stuff a few clothes inside.

My body still hurts a lot, but I don't really care about that right now. I just want to leave. Away from this ghastly place.

With my backpack on my back, I stand in front of my broken window and look down. If I jump I would land directly on the garage roof. And then I would just have to jump down from there. Very easy.

So I took another deep breath and jumped. I stretch my arms out so I have a better stop. And a few seconds later I was standing on the garage roof. "That was not so bad." I thought as I sit on the edge and do exactly the same again.

Now I almost made it. "Bye Old fucker" I whispered and waved again before heading for the park which is 10 minutes from my house. I'm so happy that I finally did it. Finally I ran away.

I can't stop grinning when I reach the park. Of course I knew it might not be the best place to live, but it's definitely better than being with my dad.

Brian POV

"I think I should go home now" I say softly as I get up from the park bench and head home. I look at the floor as always when I go.

Everything is quiet. There are no cars driving. It's a bit scary but somehow I like that. A few minutes pass until I suddenly hear someone screaming.

"Freedom!" I hear and the voice sounds familiar to me. When I could remember who owns the voice, I feel something in my stomach, but I quickly ignore it.

"Jeordie?" I said as I go to a person standing with his back to me.

"Brian?" Says that person and turn around. "Brian!" Jeordie says cheerfully and runs to me and we hug each other for a long time.

"Jeordie what are you doing here?" I ask worried and sit down on the bench. He sits next to me and looks at his feet.

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