Saved me✨🖤 || Maniggy

Jeordie wanted to kill himself but just at the right time a guy called Brian saved him. But what will happen when Jeordie is without his hero? When Brian can't save him? Will Brian find him dead? Or alive? ��


5. 5

When my dad finally left my room. He closes the door and I hear him go down the stairs. He shouts "Fucker" before I can hear the TV.

Slowly I try to get up but I can't because all the pain in my body. So I decide to crawl to my bed. Luckily I don't have a big room.

Lying on my bed, I think. About my future. About my past. And about the most important point Brian.

"Does he even like me?"

"Is he worried about me?"

"Do I like him?"

"What is he doing right now?"

"Does he think of me too?"

Brian POV

After a long day at school I lie on the couch in the living room and watch TV but somehow I can't relax. I'm thinking about different things. But about this one boy I think more about than I would expect.

"Am I gay? No, I like girl or not?"

"He's so cute but what if he doesn't like me?"

"Is he already asleep?"

When I just sat and thought for an entire hour, I can't sit here anymore, I have to feel fresh air out there. I get up and turn off the TV and before I go to the door I take my jacket and put on my shoes. Then I go out the door and immediately fill my lungs with the fresh evening air.

I'm glad that my parents travel so much and were often away. I love being alone at home. Besides, I don't have to follow their rules.

But the only thing I need now is a walk all by myself. Only me and my thoughts.


Hey guys, thank you for reading this. Do you like it?

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