Saved me✨🖤 || Maniggy

Jeordie wanted to kill himself but just at the right time a guy called Brian saved him. But what will happen when Jeordie is without his hero? When Brian can't save him? Will Brian find him dead? Or alive? ��


4. 4

Jeordie POV

On the way home, I suddenly get a bad feeling. What would my dad say? He will be angry and I can already imagine how he will hit me and kick me. I hope he sleeps and doesn't notice when I'm back home.

A few minutes later I arrived. At home.

Carefully I open the front door which is always unlocked. I look through the hall. Not a single sound is heard. Slowly I close the door behind me and go through the dark hallway where many boxes are waiting to be unpacked. When I enter the living room, I see my father lying on the couch. "Luckily he sleeps", I thought to myself and in the same moment I wanted to go up the even darker stairs I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Jeordie you ugly bitch !!" He turns me over so that I can see him right in the face. "Where have you been ?! Are you completely stupid ?!"

I'm scared and look at the floor. Tears fall on my shoes and I feel how my dad takes my head in his big rough hands and I have to look at him again.

"That's for not coming home !!" He yells at me and takes his right hand away from my face. Seconds later he hits me and I feel more tears falling down my cheeks.

"Please, I'm sorry." I cry and try to calm myself and my dad but it looks like my dad gets even more angry.

"You will go to your room now and I will not let you out, till I want it!"I look down at my shoes again.

When he suddenly pulled on my ear I squeak loudly but my dad pulled me up the stairs and opened the dirty door to my room. He shoves me in and laughs as if I'm nothing but a piece of garbage.

And as if that was not enough he comes in my room and kneels in front of me because I fell down. "Oh, is that little boy hurt." For a brief moment, I think he's really sorry. My father helps me to get up and just when I wanted to ask him what's wrong with him, he beats me again.

"You don't deserve to be loved, you are disgusting, no one wants you!" He says and pushes me back to the hard ground. He's right. I don't deserve to live. I always do everything wrong. I am weak can't defend myself and can not stand still when the wind is strong.

"Did you hear that? Nobody wants you!" He repeats. When I think he finally leaves my room, he kicks me a few times. Everything about my little body hurts. It feels like I can't move for days if not weeks.

Finally, my dad goes to the door and I whisper softly, "Brian do."Since I said it so quietly, I don't think that my dad heard that and he goes to the door. But then he stops and turns around and stares into my eyes.

"Who the fuck is this? Is he a little fagot like you?" He says in a questioning tone.

"H -he's just a ... fake p-person I-i dont have ... friends" I lie to him and I know he believes it because I've never talked with him about friends.

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