Saved me✨🖤 || Maniggy

Jeordie wanted to kill himself but just at the right time a guy called Brian saved him. But what will happen when Jeordie is without his hero? When Brian can't save him? Will Brian find him dead? Or alive? ��


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First thing I want to say is that I had a really bad day and this chapter is a little bit inspired by my life/day. Idfc how many likes or reads this will become I just want to write my thoughts. Enjoy the story.🍃🖤


Jeordie POV

I've always been bullied at my school. Every morning I just want to stay in my bed. Every part of my body hurts every movement hurts like hell. But today was the worst day I've ever had. A boy called Sam is always rude. Girls love this 'bad boy'. Today he called me a girl like every fucking day but this wasn't the only thing he did to me.

Sam always say he's my friend but the reality sems other. Today in the last 2 lessons he hit me in my face and stomach only to be cool.

After school was finally over I didn't want to take the bus so I started to walk. I just want to get away from this place and this people. I didn't care about how many people saw me cry on the way.

As I walked and cried I though about the day about my life I just thought about everything. Who would fucking care about me?

And then a place came in my mind I just have to end this. End my life. End everything.

So I turned left and I could see my destination. The cliff. 60 meters high.

Is sat my bag on the ground ant went near the edge. I looked down then sat down. As I sat there knowing its my last day on earth I started to cry more and more. I just couldn't do it anymore I was the thin boy that wear dresses and have dreadlocks. I want to die.

A last time I though about my shitty life. About myself. About the school and the most important thing. Death.

I took a deep breath then placed my hands to left and right next to my body. I heard a loud noise behind me but this didn't bother me. I lifted my body and closed my eyes. Slowly I feel myself going to the edge...

But suddenly I feel a arm around my little body. The arm lifted me up again and I was looking in the most beautiful face I've ever  saw.

"Hey, hey. Shhh everything is alright. You are safe now." The guy calmly said to me and sat down with me. He put my head on his chest and calmed me down. "I'm Brian. I know it sounds strange but I watched you in school... And I think I really like you."

Wait. Did he just said he like me? Oh my lord someone cared about me and like me?! I couldn't help but smiled.

"Y-you like...m-me?" I ask shy and looked up at him.

"Yes...but we shouldn't be here sitting on the ground." He said but putting my head back on his chest. He felt so warm and I really felt safe. Never in my life I felt this before. Something in my stomach.

"Your right." I whispered and stayed up. "I-i should...uhm...go now." I grabbed my bag and wanted to go away.

"You, Jeordie, coming with me to my home." Brian said and grabbed my shoulders.


Thank you for reading. Should I continue this story or not?

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