Dripping Blood

As Sarah gets hooked to this cute boy that matches her dream boy, she finds out slowly what happens when you think you fell in love. What will she find out? What will happen to innocent Sarah? And if so, is she really innocent? All you need to do is read this book.


4. The Scream

     For the next seven years I lived with Brian and Kale. I really loved living with this family. It's like they were actually the people I was born to grow up with. I bet you're wondering why I only said Brian and Kale. Well it's a long story, but I guess I have time to tell it while I'm waiting for Kale.

     In the fourth year of living with this new family, Haylee had past away. Her and Brian tried to have a kid one last time, but things went wrong. One night Haylee went to the doctor because she felt a little off, so the doctor took her blood to check and make sure everything was fine. A week later the doctor called back up and told them to come in.

     It was late at night when they finally arrived at the doctor's office. The doctor let them into his office and told them, "In some cases you could say your results are very good, but most cases they are very bad."

     "What do you mean doc?" Brian asked worriedly. He was starting to get scared. He may not of known what the results were, but by the tone in the doctor's voice he could tell it wasn't as good of news as they wanted.

     "Haylee, I have to say that you are pregnant. Now..." He broke off.

     Haylee had started squealing with joy. She hadn't known at the time that her state was not, in any way, a safe state of being. "Wait, what's wrong? Is that a bad thing, being pregnant?"

     The doctor looked at Brian, then asked for me and Kale to leave the room. This is where I just used my super hearing to listen in. I know it wasn't polite, but I was curious to know why the doctor didn't want us in there.

     "Over the years you haven't been able to get pregnant, right?" he asked, but kept going without an answer. "Your body is not fit to be pregnant. You may be able to last maybe a month or two into the pregnancy, but things will go down hill from there. I think it would be safe for you to get an abortion."

     "But I don't want an abortion. This is a lucky thing, for me to get pregnant. Why would I want to give up the baby? Are you stupid?" What Haylee didn't know at the time, was she could easily die from this pregnancy. She didn't care. She just wanted to have a child of her own, but what she didn't know was that Kale and I was always going to be her children; biologically or not.

     So, with Haylee's stubbornness she decided to keep the baby. About a month and a half later -as the doctor predicted- Haylee passed away. Her body had become very unfit to carry a baby. Two days after her death, she was buried, and ever since then I've lived with Brian and Kale.

     Now I am almost sixteen. Tomorrow is my birthday, and Brian is supposed to take us out to my favorite place, The Beach. No, not an ordinary beach. It's a place in town called "The Beach." It was a place to dine, but there was also a bar and an arcade. Brian would take Kale and I there every year. Brian, I have to say, was better than Johnny. It's sad, but it's true. Brian has never had a drink of alcohol. Johnny never took me somewhere fun, and he never payed as much attention to me as Brian has in the last seven years.

     I have to admit it did take me a while to get used to a new house, a new family, and a new environment. After Brian, Haylee, and Kale took me in, we moved farther away from where I originally grew up. I liked this place. I really did.

     Kale finally came down the stairs. We now live in a three story house, which is awesome as hell. It is a seven bedroom, nine and a half bathrooms, a laundry room, dining room, and a nice kitchen with a patio out back. Our house was like a mansion. It was quite nice. 

     Kale looked at me and stared in aw, "You look gorgeous, but then again you always do." Kale ended up asking me out last week, and we were going to go out before my birthday tomorrow. 

     As we walked out the door, a scream came howling though the hallways. Kale turned and ran up the stairs with me on his heals.

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