Dripping Blood

As Sarah gets hooked to this cute boy that matches her dream boy, she finds out slowly what happens when you think you fell in love. What will she find out? What will happen to innocent Sarah? And if so, is she really innocent? All you need to do is read this book.


2. The New Start

     Today was the day. Today I was going to be picked up by my new family. What would they be like? Will they be nice? How many siblings will I have? So many questions ran through my head, and only one stuck. Who are these people?

     For some reason I couldn't stop imagining a set of gay people walking me out of this place, but what's wrong with gay people? Nothing. My best friend was gay, or more of lesbian. My best friend, Jewel, had past away last week from a serious illness that had spread through our vicinity. I was lucky not to of gotten it, but I've never gotten sick. Never.

     Soon enough my name was called through a set of double doors that led to another room. "Sarah. We're ready for you. Your new parents are here." I was so scared. I honestly didn't know what to do. I sat frozen, looking at those doors. I just kept sitting there until soon enough the doors opened and my favorite person in the whole world stepped in. Juliana. Juliana had been one of my caretakers. She had been there for me when my father had finally past and my nanny, Hannah, had to leave. Every-now-and-then Hannah would come to visit, but lately she had stopped coming. I guess she new I had a new family coming to pick me up.

     I am only a nine year old girl, but I felt as strong as a dying kid. It was only two years ago that my dad finally passed away from drinking too much, but I knew it wasn't his fault. Johnny was the best father in the whole world, but his heart was broken too many times. Not only from my mother dying, but me. The year before he died I had been in serious car accident and almost died. I was in the hospital for quite a long time until I finally came out of a coma. My father had been on the verge of dying himself from depression, but nothing from that point on could make him happy. And soon enough I came home from school to find him passed out on the couch. I had gone over to him and tried waking him up, but he wouldn't budge a bit. All this felt like it happened yesterday, but really it happened two years ago. I couldn't help what happened now.

     Juliana took me through the double doors to find a couple -not gay- standing there waiting. There was a guy down on his left knee. Even though he was squatting down, he was still almost as tall as the woman next to him. He had a smooth face, but a scar over his right eye, his hair came down to his eyebrows and was the color of chocolate. His hands looked as rough as sandpaper. His eyes were the color of the ocean, but had a small shine to it that told me those weren't his real eyes. Next to him stood a short skinny woman. She on the other hand had blond hair, brown eyes, a rougher face, but it was still beautiful. She had a soft expression on her face that said she had been waiting for this moment forever. And finally next to her stood a little boy about my age. He had short blond hair like his mother, but blue eyes like his father. I'm guessing this boy is biologically related to these people. The boy was cute and the way he stood was polite. He wasn't stiff with annoyance, but soft with anticipation. It was almost as though these people had been waiting so long to find a little girl like me to take home.

     And they did. They signed the paper and we left. I didn't feel the same walking out of the place I had grown used to. Not like this. Not with three other people at my side. No I can't do this, but it was too late. I couldn't control who took me in. I couldn't control what my future was like. All I knew was that it was definitely going to be different. For now that is.

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