Dripping Blood

As Sarah gets hooked to this cute boy that matches her dream boy, she finds out slowly what happens when you think you fell in love. What will she find out? What will happen to innocent Sarah? And if so, is she really innocent? All you need to do is read this book.


8. The Known Stranger

     After I finished telling Kale and Dr. Jay about Queen Akasha, a ring echoed through the house. It wasn't a loud ring, but I could certainly hear it. Well we all could. I mean it was pretty quiet in the house after I finished the story. I somehow liked the house when it was hushed. It was... you could say... quite beautiful.

     Then the ring echoed once more; however, I knew that it was just the doorbell, so I got up and went downstairs. I arrived at the door as another ring echoed. Damn. Whoever was at the door was in such a hurry to get in. I opened the door slowly expecting another attack. Maybe even Queen Akasha. What am I talking about? I'm not scared, am I? But once I opened the door, I knew there was nothing to be scared of. The only problem was, I was pissed. It was Dr. Maddi. She was so late and busted. "You're late. Like four hours late," I scolded. Brian had been waiting for a natural vampire doctor to arrive, while only being taken care of by a human doctor named, Dr. Jay. Yeah I get it Dr. Jay was cute, but he wasn't an expert in our area. Not with vampires and what not. 

     "Sorry, I was out of the country. I got on a plane as soon as Kale called. I'm really sorry. Is everything alright?" Dr. Maddi may have been a bitch, but I accepted that she knew was she was doing. She wasn't a nice doctor, but she got the job done. "Come in," I told her through my teeth. I hated that she didn't arrive sooner. She should know that she is the only doctor who can take care of us vampires.

     I looked at her with disgust, but told her what happened to Brian while we made our way upstairs and to the room that Brian laid in. A few times through the story she gasped; especially when I told her I thought Kale had tried to kill him. She also went white when she heard about Brian making it through the stabbing.

     When we got to the bedroom, I saw that, somehow, Brian found his way into a sitting position. "Brian, what are you doing? That could really hurt you. You need to lay back down," but even with my concern I knew that Brian had it under control. He always did. He always knew what he was doing, so I just let him be and went and sat on the bed; away from Kale. Like I said before, I may not be a hundred percent sure Kale killed Brian, but I will not stand sitting next to him until I figure out who did.

     With fear coursing through my veins, I walked back downstairs. All I could think about was Queen Akasha. How was I going to figure this all out? I can't do it by myself. That would be impossible. Well sort of. She was stronger than me, hotter than me, more powerful than me. I couldn't defeat her. That's why I knew it was either Kale or Brian, but if it was Kale, why'd she attack Brian? Unless... Well that could be possible.

     "What could be possible my dear?" came a raspy voice from the stairs. I jumped off the stool I was sitting on and looked up. 

     "Brian, shouldn't you be resting?" I was concerned. Even if he did have certain powers or the ability to heal faster than the rest of us, I believe he should still be resting. I hated when he broke into my train of thought and asked me about my thinking ability. I hated when he read my mind.

     "And why do you have to break into my thoughts every time you see me lost in a different world? It's a little annoying you know," I sarcastically said. I know Brian was only concerned for me, but he shouldn't be reading my mind every time I get lost. It was a little weird and annoying.

     "Brian, do you know anything about... maybe... a connection between Kale and Akasha? I mean if she came to attack you maybe Kale had her to," I kept thinking about walking into that room and seeing all that blood surrounding Brian. "Or maybe she's trying to kill off your family."

     "Sweety, there's something you need to know. The reason she's been killing off my family well... it's because I'm her great great great great grandson. She's my family by blood and she doesn't want anyone, I mean anyone, to take her place, but here's the catch; if she kills me then she has to kill Kale and she can't do that. She takes him under control and uses him to get to me. She has to have Kale. He's supposed to be her lover. Well should be." All this was news to me and I didn't like it. Actually I hated that Kale was supposed to belong to someone else. I hated it so bad.

     "I know it's going to be hard for you baby, but it's how it's supposed to be; especially if we want to kill her off. Just think we could be free. Free for the rest of our lives. And just think how long we live. I mean do you want to be tortured and owned for that long? Because I don't. Look Sae, we'll all be here for you... for each other. You should know that." I loved it when Brian was there for me and I loved it when he calls me by my childhood nickname 'Sae.' I remember that that's what Juliana called me. She hasn't visited me since my fifteenth birthday and I really miss her.

     Before either one of us could continue our conversation or our train of thought, the doorbell rang once again. I looked at Brian with a confused look because neither Kale nor I called anyone else. We hadn't invited anyone else to come, but without waiting much longer, I got up and went to the door. Brian had followed me to the door as well as Kale. At some point he came down the stairs, I guess to come check on us or something.

     Before I opened the door, I turned around and looked at Brian and Kale with a questioning look. Kale nodded and I turned back around and opened the door. Standing there was a tall, beautiful, brown haired blue eyed boy. I looked at him and all of a sudden it felt like I knew him. Like I've met him before, but I couldn't of; could I? "Wh... who are you," I stuttered uncontrollably. He was cute, nice looking. He was also pretty built and had that same baby face that I swear I've seen before.

     "Nice to see you again Sarah," the boy smiled.

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