Dripping Blood

As Sarah gets hooked to this cute boy that matches her dream boy, she finds out slowly what happens when you think you fell in love. What will she find out? What will happen to innocent Sarah? And if so, is she really innocent? All you need to do is read this book.


11. Queen Akasha

     "What are you doing Sarah? What the hell are you kissing him for?" Kale yelled. I've never seen him this way. Until this day I haven't changed into a beast. I've sprouted my fangs, but I haven't gone all rogue. 

     "Kale you can't tell me what to do. Look just because you were going to take me on a date yesterday doesn't mean we were dating. You're like a brother to me. Hell we're family. Have been since you guys adopted me. I don't love you the same way as I do Josh. You could never make me feel the same way as Josh did last night." I knew what I said was going to hurt Kale, but I couldn't go on any longer with him believing that me and him were mates. It's not right.

     "What let me guess, he took your virginity and now he's going to break your heart?" By this time I was starting to get pissed, but it doesn't beat Kale. From the moment I turned around to this moment, Kale was pale white, -if that's possible for a vampire- his fangs were out, and his eyes had changed from blue to a dark shade of black. Within the next minute or two both Kale and I had our teeth drawn and was ready to fight. Even if this was the first fight I was going to commit it was definitely not going to be the last.

     I started to move closer rambling on about how Kale wasn't the one for me and how he didn't deserve me, and, if he was going to act like a child in front of a bunch of humans, I wasn't going to deal with him anymore. I was about to take a run for it when out of nowhere; the restaurant doors slung open, and in came the despicable. "Oh shit!"

     Once the door swung open and a gust of air blew most of the customers out of their chair and running for their lives, I realized that this time was no time for a fight with Kale. It was a battle with the living dead. Well that's what we call Queen Akasha because she was 'dead,' and now she's well... she's standing in front of me.

     I was about to make a run for it when her voice called throughout the room, "Where do you think you're going? Little slick feline. I believe we have business to handle," and without much further do I felt myself lift off the ground and make my way towards Queen Akasha. "I believe I can solve that little argument between you and Kale," she then looked at Kale. "Baby come here please."

     As if hypnotized, Kale made his way through the blown over tables and over to where Queen Akasha stood holding me in the air. Still. It was becoming harder for me to breath, but I still struggled against her powers. 

     My vision started to become blurred. I'm guessing Akasha could tell because of her connected power. Right before I blacked out, I saw Kale seductively kiss Queen Akasha, but afterwards Akasha threw me at the wall.


     Once I woke up I was back in the hospital wing of our house. How did I make it back home? Did Kale and Brian survive? All the memories started to come back to me. The restaurant. Kale and Brian walking in on me and Josh kissing. Who cares. Surely I on't. I mean it feels weird not caring, but he needs to get over me, honestly. "Hello?" I yelled as loudly as I could.

     "We're here. All of us," came the same voice that haunted my memories. Queen Akasha.

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