Dripping Blood

As Sarah gets hooked to this cute boy that matches her dream boy, she finds out slowly what happens when you think you fell in love. What will she find out? What will happen to innocent Sarah? And if so, is she really innocent? All you need to do is read this book.


13. Death Day

     "Stoned," I said. I almost thought that it didn't work, but when she fell to the ground with a solid thud, I felt... happy. I did. Well I thought I did.

     "Did it work?" Kale asked. Brian walked up to Queen Akasha and leaned forward. He made this concentration look, and started to kick at the stoned being in front of us. "She looks dead."

     "She can never be dead, but I can't get a mind signal. I think it worked. I think you did it Sarah." Brian looked at me with the most happiest look I've seen in a very long time. I haven't seen him this happy since Haylee died. Poor thing. Once she finally got her wish she had to be taken. It wasn't supposed to happen like that. Not at all. She was supposed to be my mother. She was supposed to be a great vampmom. She was great until she became stubborn enough to keep the child. I had even known what the Dr. Jay had been talking about... Wait where's Josh?

     "Where the hell is Josh? If you two were in the closet, where is he?" I felt like I was about to pass out. Not once had I seen Josh. Oh god what if he was killed at the restaurant? What if he didn't make it? What if she killed him? "Did she kill him? What would happen if I was to make her statue explode? Will she be released again? Won't that kill her?" Then I remember from the past stories I've been told; the only way she can be killed was for someone to hold onto her and take hold of her brain and soul. If I remember correctly, it was a female. Oh god what if it's me? I can't do that. Not for a million years, but then again what about Kale, Brian, and Josh? I would even do this for Haylee. No doubt about that. 

     "He's alive. He wasn't hurt as badly as you were, but we had to knock him out so he wouldn't wake up during this. We had to there was no other choice. He's not as experienced as we are. You know this. If he doesn't wake up anytime soon then we can easily wake him up. It won't be a problem; well for me it may because I don't think he'll want me or Kale in his dreams. You'll have to go into his dreams and wake him up. Don't scare him just say his name until he wakes up, or something that'll wake him up easily. He needs you; badly." Brian seemed like he knew what he was doing, but it seemed like he was hiding something from me.

     "What are you hiding from me, Brian? I know you're hiding something, so don't lie to me. I can tell when you lie to me. It's quite easy. You aren't that great of a liar," I scolded Brian. I looked towards Kale, but decided to make my way out of this room. Now that I was out of that room I could feel Josh's presence. He wasn't physically far from me, but his mind was. Brian was right, he was dreaming.

     My baby was dreaming.

     Kale followed me while Brian stayed in that room, figuring out what to do with Akasha. I felt something off as Kale silently walked behind me. "Kale what's..." he cut me off. He had thrown me up against the wall and drew out one of the knives from my room. "What the hell, Kale. What are you doing?" Not in a million years did I expect Kale to pull something like this; especially pulling a knife on me. A silver knife. This was it. My life was going to end. I had already begun to feel the tip of the blade against my stomach. The pressure increased and I felt like I was about to pass out. I was scared that Kale was actually going to kill me.

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