The Night House A novel

Martina Garrison is a ordinary sixteen year old from Austin, Texas. She doesn't want to be popular; she wants to be normal. When she visits The Night House, her belief in death is challenged.


2. The Night House-Part Two


Marina walked into The Night House. 

Jacob stared at the framed picture of President John F. Kennedy that was the creamy walls. He stared at the dim hallway. "Over there, to the right, is The Thompson Room. Earl Thompson lived here back in the winter of 1960. He lived with his wife, Essie, and their four children: Margaret, fifteen; Lowell, fourteen; Hart, thirteen; and Brenda, eleven. Their framed pictures hovered above the Grandfather clock that was in the hallway. Marina shivered. She had read about the Thompson family. Earl Thompson was a gangster who believed in life and death. He had robbed ten banks during his heyday from 1959 to 1962. He was in jail for twenty years for his crimes. He was forty. Essie was thirty-eight. In the end, Essie made sure her family went to school, and paved their way for them to be educated at Texas High School. She then wrote her novel '​Love Hurts​' in her spacious study. To her surprise, it was published by a major New York publisher for $750, 000. Marina imagined the tragic part of the Night House was the bad vibes of the past; the past was now connected to a nightmare that never ended. Marina shook her head, and focused on spending the evening there.

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