The Night House A novel

Martina Garrison is a ordinary sixteen year old from Austin, Texas. She doesn't want to be popular; she wants to be normal. When she visits The Night House, her belief in death is challenged.


1. The Night House-Part One

Austin, Texas, 1965

Death had come to The Night House on December 1. It was something that irked Martina Garrison; it was something inherently evil in nature. She remembered the time in which President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, at the hand of the Soviet sympathiser Lee Harvey Oswald. About two years' later, she knew that America's fractured innocence had died. Martina, a petite sixteen year old teenager, had seen The Beatles in concert in London while she was with her family while she was on vacation in 1964, the year before. Now, as she was back in Austin, Texas, she stared at The Night House; the Night House loomed over her like a spectre in the rotten grave. She shivered with dread, and knew that time was short.


Martina had long, black hair, blue eyes, and petite. She wore a blue T-shirt, black flares, brown socks, and black shoes on her feet. On her right hand was a silver watch her father Ronald gave her. She gazed at The Night House; she knew it would loom over her like a monster. She looked around the front of the house. Suddenly a old man in his mid-sixties stared at her. "You don't want to go inside, Miss; you don't want to die young", he said. Martina shivered. She wasn't used to seeing old men watching her. "I was drawn to the house; I was drawn to...". Martina didn't have any time to answer. She waited, as she breathed in oxygen. The old man grinned. "Ed Nathaniel stayed here back in the nineteen fifties. He was fond of knives to attack visitors. I know, I was his friend since the late nineteen thirties. During World War II, the Night House was closed up. Ed re-opened it in nineteen fifty, and lived here ever since. He has asked me to oversee the Night House. And that's what I'm doing when he's away. I'm Jacob Borden". He smoked a cigarette. Once he was finished, he stubbed the fiery embers out with his right, black, boot; he smiled at her. "I'm Martina". She looked around. And she saw Jacob was holding onto the front door key...and smiled at her.


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