Supernatural - 2

Jack wasn't the only archangel's nephilim that was sired... Maaya was sired by archangel Michael, kept in the hidden from all that was there in God's creation, her powers were dormant because she lived in an universe of no supernatural and no magic. What happens when Sam and Dean try to track Jack and find Maya instead.


2. Misunderstood Misunderstanding

You were shaking with fear, two huge guys ganging up on you, all you wanted to have a night out with your friends to forget about the stress that you had been going through at the work. Now, you were standing in a military base-camp look alike place with no idea how you got here. The shorter one had his gun pointed at you and the taller one looked with confusion at you but still on the edge with a weird looking knife or a spear.


"Please I don't know anything, I just want to go home" you said fumblingly .

"You don't leave until we say so, you hear me" shorter man said in gruff voice.

He took taller guy in the corner of what looked like a library.

"What are we gonna do with Jack's apparent cousin here? Does anyone even knows about her existence?" Dean wondered aloud.

"She does not even know what she is, did you not see her trembling, I am willing to bet if she knew what she was, she would have disintegrated us the moment you pointed a gun on her" Sam replied to Dean's confusion.

You were starting to get tired so you decided to sit on the nearby chair, your feet were killing you, those Louis Vuitton were not for running away from this freakishly weird place with those huge men. They appeared to be in a deep conversation, something serious, while you wondered how you were transported to this place, your head hurt because of all the alcohol you had consumed. You were thinking of running away from this place but then you remembered that the shorter one had a gun and a bullet was a lot faster than you in heels.

They made their way back to you, you stood up awkwardly like a guilty kid trying to find a secure spot away and at a safe distance from them.

"Hey Maya, I am Sam Winchester this is my brother Dean, we just want to ask you a few questions, okay?" the taller one said and the shorter one nodded suspiciously. You nodded back.

"When were you born?"

" 31st July 1994" you replied hastily.

"Oh, okay!" Sam and Dean were taken aback by your answer.

"What are your parents' name ?" Dean asked.

"George Oberoy and Kismet Oberoy"

"Do you have any siblings?" Dean asked gruffly.

"No, I am their only child"

"Do you know what a nephilim is?" Sam asked.

"No. Should I?" you were getting confused by every minute.

"See, nephilim is a child of an angel and a human and we think you are a nephilim of an archangel" Dean laid out. Sam glared at Dean for verbally vomiting out something so intense.

You looked at them and started laughing at their faces, they seemed taken aback by your reaction.

"I..I..I am ssorryy, did you just say angels, dude you gotta get yourself checked in to a mental institution" you said trying to stifling your laugh. But the brothers seemed unfazed.

"Maya we are not mentally ill, in this universe that you were teleported to has all kinds of monsters, how else do you explain you being here?" Sam questioned.

Your head seemed to work on what the guys said. It could be one explanation or another would be that you had been drugged but your senses were fine. You were trying to wrap your head around new found information.

Sam and Dean approached you stealthily, trying not to get you worked up like Jack.

Something dawned on you, you lost your parents, your friends, your families, you were in an entirely different universe if you believed the two nut jobs, you had to confirm your suspicions. You saw a laptop open on the table, you tried searching about the firm you worked in, it didn't exist, you tried searching for your mother's blog, it didn't exist, your dad's business didn't exist. Your friends didn't exist, everything was ripped away from you. You were sad, angry, mad, a thousand different emotions running wildly in you.

Power coursed from you to your surroundings, leveling Sam and Dean into the ground, lamps around the house bursting.

"Son of a bitch. I am too old to be thrown away by angelic mojo every damn time" Dean cursed.

"I second that" Sam groaned. They both got up after you had calmed down slightly.

"Dean, she is more powerful than Jack" Sam concluded.

"You think I don't see that" Dean barked.

"The real question is what are we gonna do now?" Sam wondered.


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