Supernatural - 2

Jack wasn't the only archangel's nephilim that was sired... Maaya was sired by archangel Michael, kept in the hidden from all that was there in God's creation, her powers were dormant because she lived in an universe of no supernatural and no magic. What happens when Sam and Dean try to track Jack and find Maya instead.


1. Party Crashers

After a long week of hectic work schedule you finally felt relieved on Friday, you had been planning on going out with your friends for a full night of bar hopping and dancing in clubs. You and your best friends Veronica and Sabrina decided that it was time that you got laid and to be fair you were kind of wound up and needed to let loose.

After a lot of bar hopping and all of you went to a club called 'Mugshot' where you were enjoying drinks when you felt someone's eyes on you, a tall dark handsome man who looked like young Idris Alba nodded at you and you nodded back. 'Time to get lucky tonight' but someone's yelling brought you back from the trance.

"Lets dance Maaaaaaaya.............." Veronica slurred, having had multiple shots and what not.

"C'mon Ver... leave the poor girl alone when she trying to get some from wanna be Idris Alba" Sabby winked while Ver pouted and made her way towards the crowd in the club, swaying and in complete imbalance.

"Are you gonna go after her?" you asked Sabby.

"Noppity nope, I am to drunk to stand up, you will have to carry me to the bed today" Sabby replied.

"Oh okay...I am gonna carry you home Mistress" you retorted.

'Oh okay two drunk best friends - check, hottie spotted - check, hottie showed interest - check, gonna get laid tonight - definitely not, not with two drunk girls who think they can take on the world. I will miss you Idris Alba look alike handsome.'


You got up from your seat towards Ver who was dancing with surrounded group of guys and called out when she spotted you coming towards her.

"Gentlemen, meet Maaya... my sister from another mister"

Some guys yelled hello and hi and damn they were drunk. Trying to get Ver to take her back to your table was looking like an impossible task, she didn't budge at all.

"Let loose babe, what do we have to loose? C'mon dance with me" Ver preached bumping her side into yours.

It's right when they say, if you can't beat them, join them and that's what you did, you started dancing with Ver and Sabby showed up some time after. Surrounded by men with your best friends you were enjoying your Friday Freedom from Boredom.

And you were thankful that you won't be having a killer headache unlike your best friends. You gave into your inner dance goddess and swayed your hips like there was no tomorrow.

You shut your eyes to savor the moment but when you opened up your eyes you were in unknown place with two men looking at you as if you killed their dog.

They drew out their guns and pointed at you. You raised your hands in defense.

"Where the hell am I?" you shrieked.

"Who are you? What's your name? Moreover what are you?" the short one asked.

" Maaya..Maaya Oberoy, I..I was at the club and nnnow I am hhere..." you answered them, scared to death of what had happened, did someone drug you at the club, one moment you were in the club with your friends and now you are in this strange looking place.

Sam pulled Dean aside, he looked at the poor girl scared and in tears because she had no idea where she was, he was sure that he had performed spell right, spell to summon a nephilim of an archangel, which was only Jack as per their knowledge.

"What happened? We summoned Jack not some hottie in fishnet stockings...Did you do the spell correctly?" Dean doubted his brother.

"What..I mean I did the spell to summon nephilim of an archangel, but she showed up and I am positive the spell was casted right " Sam replied.

"Way to go, one more nephilim, who knew those arch-angelic douches reproduced, but whose kid is she?" Dean questioned.


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