my depressing thoughts


5. 5

Apparently, I am passively suicidal. 

Not by actual diagnosis 

but I am pretty sure that wanting to die is not necessarily normal.

See if I am faced with the option of ; 

eating a delicious poisoned candy or eating a regular candy 

I will always choose eating the poisoned candy.

I am would like to die, but I just don't go out of my way to die


how lame can you get I am a lazy suicidal person 

actually I didn't know what being passively suicidal meant 

until my friend told me that he Did some research on my situation 

He didn't judge me though

School hasn't killed me yet

Probably because it's going alphabetical order 

My last name starts with a W so I am going to die soon enough don't worry




Remember to eat!

Stay safe mah friends- Q

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