my depressing thoughts


4. 4

My parents just found me on the floor sobbing with a math textbook in my hands. I can't math well. So that rules out all of the 'socially acceptable' jobs. I am too fat to be a striper, astronaut, Olympic anything, anything sports related. Basically, that leaves all the creative stuff that I can barely do. I can't be an artist because.. I suck at art. I can't be a writer because have you seen my shit show called writing. Yah no. 
I can music alright but there is no way I could ever do anything with that because the music business is blech. I am too weird and stressed to be a comedian or YouTuber.

So yah I am not going to survive in this hell hole that we call 'real life' and to be honest I really don't want to do that

Stay safe, eat, drink water, take your medication, be happy! 
Thanks for reading about how much of a fuck up I am.

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