my depressing thoughts


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When I was younger I had trouble with a lot of things. Manly school. There was a point where I would feel almost as if I was floating, never really there. I was failing all of my classes, I had no friends and I was constantly stressed. I don't really remember what happened back then except for the fact that I was miserable. I used to scratch my head so hard it would bleed and then it would scab over and then I would scratch the scabs. Some days I felt particularly accomplished because I didn't scratch my head. I guess in some ways it was the one anchor that made me feel like I was actually alive.
I think the easiest way to describe what it was like for me was 'the Great Depression' it was a few of the worst years of my life and I felt like I couldn't do anything correctly,
Then I switched schools and started getting better.
But then I needed to go to a new school due to the fact that mine was shutting down. So BAM here we are! Slowly becoming more stressed and depressed!

I am feeling very 'meh.' Today
If anyone wants to talk I'll be here. 
I didn't eat anything today either.
I am not sure if I am Hungry or full. 
My Netflix isn't working.
I can't eat.(not because I don't want to but because all we have in the fridge is spicy salsa. Just spicy salsa)
Blah. Blah. Blah

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