Why Me?


1. Why Me

Would you notice if I was gone?

Am I your pawn?

In this game we call love

Or am I your true love

It’s for you to decide!

Set aside your pride

Do you care when I cry

Don’t hang me out to dry

I ask myself why?

You leave me lonely

I don’t want to sound annoying

But I have to ask

Why Me?

Am I the girl you see in your dreams?

Not everything appears as it seems

Still though Why Me?

Am I going to be your future wife?

You can cut the tension with a knife

Do you want me in your Life?

Maybe you want the other girl

It’s for you to decide!

I don’t know where I stand

Guess we won’t have the future we planned

Why Me!

I ask myself constantly

Most importantly

Do You Love Me?

Can You See Me?

Or am I invisible to you

Your decisions dictate our future

Choose wisely and think

Or our relationship will sink

Like the titanic

But quicker

And no warning

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