Jada Santos is a average girl that is beautiful and smart. She is rich and still in school. But she is not as rich as her friends think. She goes to an amazing school. Makes good grades and gets along well with others.


11. Tired Of Her Life.

Jade is tired of her friends always needing help from her.  She wants to do something with her life but does not know what.  Life is dull and there is not much fun to be had.  

She is smart and so she wonders what she should do.  She is beautiful so everyone says,  so she knows she could maybe be a model if that is what she wants.  She is not rich like everyone seems to think but she is not poor either.

She gets along well with others so there has to be something she can do.  But what?  She gets up and takes a shower and then goes to eat.  After dressing in her jeans and a shirt.  Tennis shoes and pulls her hair back.

Cleans her apartment and walks out the door.  Her phone rings but she does not answer.  She does not want to talk to any of her friends.  She decides to go shopping and it was sort of fun.  Then stopped and got lunch.  

As she sat down and ordered.  Her phone rang yet again.  She shut it off for the rest of the day.  While she waited she read a book and it was interesting.  At least it kept her mind off of her problems.  The lunch came and she was eating.

When a man stood before her and asked if she would mind him joining her.  He was all man so handsome and with a smile to kill.  They talked and somehow she told him she wanted to do something she had never did before.

He asked her if she wanted a job and if she did,  he had a club she could work at and that the money was good.  She thought about it and said yes.  That just might be what I need.  She thanked him and smiled.  

He asked her when could she start and she told him a.s.a.p.  He smiled and said how about now.  I will take you and when you get off I will take you home.  She said yes that would be nice.  He took her and when they got there she stared it was a high price club.


When they went inside there were mirrors all around the place with red patterns on the walls and rich red carpet.  The rest was done in red and black with silver.  It was beautiful and amazing.  She had never seen a place like this.  She liked it already.

He showed her the whole place and it was large.  He took her to meet all the staff.  They were all nice and she knew she would make new friends here.  He explained everything to her and told her to go change.  

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