Jada Santos is a average girl that is beautiful and smart. She is rich and still in school. But she is not as rich as her friends think. She goes to an amazing school. Makes good grades and gets along well with others.


7. Staff Room

I went after her and almost stumbled.  We were in front of the staff room.  No,  no,  no.  I was not going in there around all those people.  Why didn't everyone just leave me alone.  

The peaceful silence;  broken by the sound of clashing thunder.  Like it was never going to end!  The flashing light explodes and it's drowned by the ear piercing roar,  swirl masses of thick gray clouds roll in,  as the show begins.  Every living thing is silenced by the storm's supremacy.  The foamy waves on the coasts,  battle the storm,  fighting to the rule it's own place.  The waves toss and turn,  the storm roars and cry.  Suddenly everything calms,  as if nothing happened at all!  Almost everything but one,  goes peaceful.  Only the waves bob up and down;  ready to strike if anyone intrudes their rightful land.

The curtain rises as we stand with a confused look on our faces.  Behind the curtain you could see a fire of red and something was behind it.  When a ball of fire is thrown wide and people start to scream.  Eyes are closed while other's are opened wide with fear.  The devil is standing there as he says,  " welcome to my world!"  

Some people drop dead on the spot and other's are screaming.  There are people running and crying.  We are in the pit of Hell!  He leans against a chair and turned away from Earth!  Around 2:00 A.M.  all the humans had rediscovered the Garden Of Eden.  There they waged a siege on an proportion that lasted two thousands years.  It took all of my attention to keep them out,  but there was a rule,  I keep the rule.  Now I can check on my other creations.



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