Jada Santos is a average girl that is beautiful and smart. She is rich and still in school. But she is not as rich as her friends think. She goes to an amazing school. Makes good grades and gets along well with others.


5. Present Time

Now to the present time.  " Why are you crying?"  Jason asked in a serious tone.  

I pushed him away and ran before he caught me again.  My hair was a mess.  My face was in a hideous state,  stop.  Stop looking at me with those caring eyes.  I began crying even more.  Tania finally caught up to me and dragged me out the door.  Jason followed obediently behind her.  She pushed me onto the staircase behind the building.  Ouch,  that hurt. 

" Sorry!"  Tania quickly said.  She then snuggled next to me."   "Jade why are you crying?"  

I stared at her dumbly,  refusing to talk.  " Jade,  sorry I pushed you onto the wall."  Jason said.

Cute.  He always looked so cute when he apologizes.  He has dark brown eyes which are always glistening.  His curly brown hair was in his natural messy mopped state and that is what makes him so attractive.  So trusting as well.  He didn't care much about looks.  He's not vain and interested in what people think about him.  I like that.  It's nothing I said.

I didn't want him to know.  God knows what they will do.  

Then we could hear

footsteps,  clacking down the stairs.  We both quickly got up and stepped aside.  It was Michelle and her minions.  I hid behind Tania.  Oh God,  please don't let them see me.  Oh please,  oh please.  But it seemed God wasn't listening.

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