Jada Santos is a average girl that is beautiful and smart. She is rich and still in school. But she is not as rich as her friends think. She goes to an amazing school. Makes good grades and gets along well with others.


10. Kelly

I hear my phone ring and it is Kelly.  She tells me she will be right over.  I told her I would have breakfast ready when she got here.  I hung the phone up and went to the kitchen.  I started making eggs, grits,  sausage,  and toast.  The phone rang again and when I picked it up.  I heard a voice but knew it could not be real.  She is dead. 

By the time Kelly gets here I am upset.  I do not know what to think. But there is nothing I can do.  So I go to my room and change my clothes.  Put on a short top and slim jeans and my boots.  We will go out on our motorcycles today and maybe later go and race our cars.  I love the sun and wind in my face when I am on my bike.

I pull my hair in a ponytail and get things ready.  When in walks Kelly and she is smoking hot.  Jet black hair and big blue eyes.  A body to kill for and lips ripe.  She has on a short top with short shorts.  With boots that make her taller.

The guys will rip their jeans when they see her.  She is powerful and she knows it.  She is the best racer and wins all the time.  She always makes good money.  

When she sits down and we are eating.  She says so we are racing today and I said yes.  We are also riding our bikes today.  Her face lit up like a flame.  We finished eating and went and got on our bikes.  We left and rode in the wind.


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