Jada Santos is a average girl that is beautiful and smart. She is rich and still in school. But she is not as rich as her friends think. She goes to an amazing school. Makes good grades and gets along well with others.


4. Detention

" Detention!"  Now to the office!"  Mr.  Foster said through his gritted teeth.  

I nodded and ran out the door,  leaving the papers on the floor.  The bell rang and I ran down the hallway as fast as I could go.  Passing and dodging people as they began to flood the hallway.  Then I heard something,  someone calling me.  

" Nah,"  It was just my imagination.  I sped away and ran past the girls restroom.  I'm not going to cry there.

" Jade!"  I spun around again.  There I saw Jason and Tania running toward me.  " No,  not them."  I ran faster,  but that was pretty useless despite me knowing Jason is the most athletic and had nationally praised athletic skins with him.  He slammed into me and pushed me against the wall.  

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