Starting Out

Sometimes new beginnings can be tough, especially when you start over completely. Kaitlyn just recently went through a tough heartbreak that leaves her stranded in her new home in New York knowing no one. Starting out is always tough, especially when you find someone who can help you along the way...


1. Rough Start


Waking up to rushing traffic and the endless construction of New York City was not exactly my ideal image of a "perfect morning". Then again, I had been waking up to that same ruckus every morning for three weeks now and I can finally say I effectively sleep through it without waking up four times throughout the night, but that still does not mean I don't prefer the serene sound of owls at night and the pitter patter of rain throughout the day. Being from Seattle really does have its perks and it's just like they say, the grass really does seem greener on the other side. Well I am here to say the grass isn't greener, in fact its not even green, just grey for miles and miles. 



I snapped out of my day dream to see my co-worker staring back at me, coffee in her hand and wide eyes invading every inch of my face. 

"What's up?" I said backing away from her ever closing invasion of space "Joan is it?" 

She huffed as if I should've known her name by now. Sorry I just starting working here a week ago. "Could you meet Mrs. Fern in her office? She says she needs you to fill out more forms. If you go now I won't tell her you were sleeping on the job," She placed a hand on her hip and stared at me long and hard "and its Jo- ANN if you so please." The sass in her hips was so noticeable as she left that she almost knocked someone's coffee cup off their desk. It did not help that she was wearing the tightest skirt I have ever seen and that is saying something considering we both work in fashion. 

I had decided I do not like Joan. No I did not please to say her name correctly. 


After I filled out the papers Mrs. Fern needed signed, it was finally time to head home, to my empty house, with my lonely self, after working all day at my dumb new job. Okay I might have been being a little dramatic, but after having moved to New York with my new boyfriend of four years and finding him in bed with not just another woman, but another man, you can understand how my new living situation could tend to seem a little gloomy. I had planned to start a new life out her with John, a nice new apartment overlooking a bit of the city, a new job being an assistant buyer at Victoria's Secret, life was looking good. Considering I left everything back home just to start this new life here meant I did not have a place, job, nor the money to move back home anytime soon. Plus this new job was pretty hard to nail down so I was going to keep it as long as Joan can keep her face as far away from mine as she can. 

I get home and check my voicemails to see one from my good friend Amelia. 

"You better get your ass out to this pub otherwise I am bringing the whole pub to your place! Love you kay BYE" 

Of course Amelia is already out at the pub and ready to rumble as she would put it. Amelia is one constant that I am more than thankful for. If she wasn't here I would not have stayed in New York, no matter how great of a job I have. She went to college around here and ended up falling in love with a job and never moved back. She is always moving, constantly partying and continuously finding new things to do, letting her fit right in with her new surroundings. I, however, miss Seattle more than anything. 

Not wanting to leave her waiting and giving her no reason to want to invite strangers to my apartment, I quickly change into a little black dress and bright red heels before running downstairs to grab a taxi and head to the little pub down by Amelia's place. It was quite the venue actually. I liked to call it "The Three Bears" since it was not too big and not too small, this pub was just right and I liked it that way. I pushed the door to the entrance to immediately see Amelia up on the counter dancing her ass off like she was paid to be up there. I try to walk as slowly as I can to the bar so she won't see me, knowing the second she does she will invite me up to dance. I know for a fact that I will not dance on the bar. At least not before three shots that is. I make it to the bar, order a straight shot and down it before Amelia picks me right out of the crowd and yells at me to jump up. 

"Took you long enough to show up!" She pulled my arm trying to pull me on to the bar "come on, I know you won't let me dance alone!"

I just laugh at her and instead pull her down close enough that she can hear me over the whooping and hollering of all the guys around us. "Let me get a little drunk before you start asking me for a show! Where are your manners A?" 

"I can help with that," She smiles and hops off the bar. "Excuse me boys but my great friend her just got out of a bad breakup and needs a little cheer up," she pouts her bottom lip at them "Think you guys can help her out?" 

This was not Amelia's first time getting us free drinks, in fact we always took turns using lines and damn were we naturals. We had it down to a science and it almost always worked. They finally agree after exchanging some looks and buys two rounds for the lot of us. The first round was for my breakup, the second was because 'I was just too cute for one drink'. If I was being honest, going out with Amelia was the best thing I could do at a time like this. It was always a good time with Amelia, and we were two of the biggest teases you could ever meet. We go out on the town wearing whatever we want and say whatever we want to each guy we pass. Getting free drinks and acting like we just turned 21 was our specialty, although no guy from a bar was ever lucky enough to take us home. 

Before I know it I'm 6 shots in and suddenly I hear the beginning of mine and Amelia's favorite song, simply inviting us to get on the tables and dance. I feel her hand scoop me over to the bar and she uses my shoulder to get up. Everyone around us starts cheering us on seeing her move and mouth along the words. I watch as she swings her head over her shoulder and uses her pointer finger to summon me on to the counter. I down one more shot and hop up right next to her just as the chorus of "Surprise Party" by Hoodie Allen blows through the speakers of the pub. Swaying and shaking every which way, I could not believe how great I felt. Confidence flew through my veins as the guys who originally were buying us drinks buys another round and point to them for us to take. I knew that this is my last shot for the night unless I want to fall off the bar I was dancing on. Finally at the end of the song I hear shouting from behind us telling us it was time to get down. All fun must come to an end I guess and the guys buying us shots were nice enough to help us down from the bar.

A fuzzy feeling was beginning to take over my body, proving I was correct about my limits. I look at Amelia with my darkening vision to see if she was feeling like heading home yet. I look over and see her head hung low and her arm slung over the neck of one of the guys who bought us shots, a smile creeping across his lips. I think his name was Randy, or Ralph, all I know is Amelia doesn't look good, and I'm having a hard time seeing through how dark the room is getting. Before I realize whats going on, I hear a commotion behind me and see the whole room turn dark as I fall into what I would hope was just a dream. 

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