The Wolves Of Silverwood

Warning: This story is a work in progress. Also, the title of this story was inspired by Chloe McCormick’s story, “Wolves Of Mateo”.

I need a backstory for this, but for now it’s this: This story takes place on an island not yet discovered by humans called, “Orston”. The island is crowded with wolves. The island is split into three packs. One of which is bigger and better than the others; Silverwood. The other two are Quiverfall and Dustarrow.


1. Meet the pack: Silverwood


Quiltshrew: Kind, caring, obedient, male.

Redquill (Beta): Competitive, loyal, honest, male.

Silver (Alpha Male): Kind, satisfied with what he’s got, a good planner for defense.

Gold (Alpha Female): Caring, FABULOUS, generous.

Sapphire: “Meh”, doesn’t care, has a secret crush on Redquill, female.

Esmeralda: The only wolf in Orstorn who is a Canis lupus (a western wolf), female, the youngest wolf in Silverwood (11 in wolf years).



Want to be in Silverwood? Do this I guess:




Role in the pack:

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