The Invaded A novel

New York, 3500.

When New York is invaded by aliens, Richard Loman, a ex-United States Army soldier, and his cleaner girlfriend Sylvia, decide to fight back from the threat.


2. The Invaded-Part Two



​The spaceship looked up at the red moons. The atmosphere was thick with asteroids that battered the bottom; the asteroids were destroyed by a huge laser beam that shattered the Universe. And, seconds later, Outer Space was back to normal. Or, more to the point, Richard hoped so; Sylvia hoped ​that she was alive.

"We're here on the planet Oho", Anne said. 

"Oho?", Sylvia asked her.

"Yes, Oho. The purple planet", Anne answered her.

And she grinned.


​The aliens were different. They had black eyes, purple skin, and was small. Sylvia shivered. She saw arched, red walls; she focused on Richard. "Oho is different from Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn", she said. Richard looked around. He noticed a human girl carrying a white smock on her waist; he knew that she was a servant of the aliens. She knew her place in life; she wasn't going to resist. She gazed at Richard. "What do you want, Sir? A drink of Iced Coffee, or Oho black tea?", she asked him. "Oho black tea, please", he answered. She nodded. Then she smiled. "What's your name? I'm Richard. This is Sylvia. We're from New York on Earth; we're here because of the invasion". She smiled. "I was there a long time ago. I don't remember my time on Earth; I was abducted...and came here. I'll Anna Barclay". She looked at Sylvia, and smiled.


​Richard stared at the aliens. He didn't want to believe in other worlds. He wanted to write his science fiction novel; he was sure that he couldn't do that anymore. Life was full of choices; life was full of detours to other things. Richard stared at the Chamber of Glass. Everything swirled and swirled; everything was like a black vortex. He looked at the aliens. They were foreign to him; they were walking around near the Black Pools. Sylvia walked towards the timber buildings that glowed a flaming red colour; the buildings were reacting to the shining portals from the white mirrors, illuminating the purple faces in the process. "It's beautiful", she said to Richard. And he nodded in agreement.


Anne stood on a stage. She then spoke. 

"I want everyone to go to Sector III. It's important that all of the aliens are safe. Newcomers, follow me". And Richard and Sylvia did as they were told, as the adventure was about to begin for them.



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