The Invaded A novel

New York, 3500.

When New York is invaded by aliens, Richard Loman, a ex-United States Army soldier, and his cleaner girlfriend Sylvia, decide to fight back from the threat.


3. The Invaded-Part Three



​Richard gazed at the Glowing Statues. It wasn't like anything he could've imagined; it was something that irked him; it was a sense of peril which caused him to have a breakdown. The invasion was something which wasn't in his plans. Earth was gone. The purple planet's air was full of tainted oxygen; it was breathable...just. The planet's eco-system was full of plants, trees, and bizarre animals who looked like dogs, but weren't. They were hybrids of human animals that came to the planet by the slaves to entertain themselves, as they served food and drink to the rich aliens. And, for Richard, saving Sylvia was the number one priority.


​The day moved fast. Richard walked to the sparkling hologram of the deep ocean. It was so lifelike that he imagined seeing one in New York when he was a child of five. It the nervousness which controlled his emotions; it was the idea of freedoms, that seared his mind; the holograms of plant life was something else entirely. Suddenly he ran towards the Iced World building. Two human guards looked bored. "Sylvia, we have to go there". She nodded. And they went inside...just as Anne was about to stop them.

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