The Invaded A novel

New York, 3500.

When New York is invaded by aliens, Richard Loman, a ex-United States Army soldier, and his cleaner girlfriend Sylvia, decide to fight back from the threat.


1. The Invaded-Part One

New York, 3500 AD.


​Richard Loman was in his cyber-room asleep when the event happened. He opened his blue eyes. The tapping of the heavy rain destroyed his view of New York's glass windows. Seconds later, he saw the alien ships were invading the city. He left his bed, then he grabbed his grey space suit. He put it on. Then he grey space boots on his feet. By 10:00 AM, on Friday, June 15, he knew what was happening. He grabbed the halogen lamp in his right hand. Once the spacious room stopped spinning, it was forced to stop. Richard turned around. He had heard Professor Simons talk on-line about the aliens at a speech he had given at the Lower Manhattan University back in 3,490 AD; he had listened to him tell New Yorkers about the invaded. And he was laughed at by his peers, and other students. Richard knew that the time would come before the aliens would attack. And now they weren't laughing; they were afraid; they were in a state of mass panic. And he stopped feeling his heart beating faster and faster; he felt the cold weather outside. "Heat the room, please", he told the computer. By 10:10 AM, the central heating system was turned on. And the whole house was heated up to 89 degrees.


​Richard Loman heard the swishing noise. He saw Sylvia Kent, the cleaner. She smiled at him.

"What's wrong?", she asked him. 

"We're being invaded by aliens. We'll have to do something", he answered her. She gasped with shock; she stopped cleaning. She looked out of the rainy, New York streets; she couldn't see 131st street, and 7th avenue. Thunder boomed in the morning sky. Sylvia, who lived in New York for a decade cleaning up the homes of the rich and famous, focused her energies on the impending alien threat; her face was etched in shock, as the zooming of the silvery alien space ships was something that ruined everyone's day. Richard, who was a forty-four ex-soldier, knew what it took to fight the enemy. He was thinking of Sylvia. "Here's three hundred dollars". Sylvia, who was thirty-five, nodded. She wore a white cleaner's hat, a grey skirt, brown stockings that covered her slim legs, and white shoes on her small feet. On her left hand was a silver watch. She looked around. She had known Richard was a good boss; she knew he wasn't married because of the 3, 480 AD war, twenty years' ago. The Internal War, (as it was called), had destroyed the political career of seventy year old Republican Harold K. Mangrove, III; the career of Democrat Senator Georgia Lee Kane, forty, was on the rise, as she was running for President of the United States. Richard knew the time would come before New York had a female President; the time was now. By 10:45 AM, three hundred black coloured aliens spaceships arrived. Sylvia shivered. Then, at 10:47 AM, the aliens attacked New York, and forced all of the humans to do their bidding.


Richard heard it. 

The firing of the laser guns that ruined the hologram doors. He walked towards the Weapons Room.

He punched on the keys with his right fingers.

"Password", the robotic voice said.

"3878", Richard said. 

"Starting the procedure now". He put the halogen lamp on the ground. He grabbed a black loading space gun. And took it out of the huge holes that were embedded in the dense spot; it was deep. Richard, who left the United States Army five years' ago, in the year 3,495 AD, after twenty-five years' of serving Uncle Sam, had paid $850,000 dollars for a New York apartment. He had used his war money to pay for three-quarters of it; he had asked his parents to pay for the rest as a loan. In the interim, he had travelled to Minnesota to work on their home on weekends. The memories weren't fading; the memories weren't there to be forgotten. Richard gripped the space gun in his right hand. He heard the forced ding noise​, as the glass went towards its place. Richard saw Sylvia shivering. Suddenly she screamed. "There's an alien with a weird suit", she said. The alien stood six foot tall. It had pale purple skin. And wore grey battle armour. Its black helmet was strong; its grey boots stomped on the hard ground. "​Don't move! Or else you die!​", it mimicked the English language; Richard aimed at its chest. And he fired. The alien fell onto its back. And died. Richard stared at the black blood. "Yuck!", he said. Sylvia backed away. And she noticed the aliens had left their leader, and decided to head to their space ship.


Richard stared at Sylvia. She shook her head. 

"Everything's happening so fast, Richard. This is an invasion". Sylvia stared at the other space guns. "Here, give me that one", she said. He gazed at her. "Take it, Sylvia. This is just the beginning of the threat. And we're going to stop it", he said. Sylvia shivered. Then she heard more laser gun fire...and the invasion continued.

Sylvia glanced at the iron gate. She saw the "​Invasion Zone Areas​" signs. She knew her parents would think the aliens would be kind; she knew the truth. Richard was sad to leave the halogen lamp behind. He was thinking about a dangerous fire. Too bad​, he thought to himself; he gazed at Sylvia. "Let's go!", he said. And they walked out of the apartment, and headed towards 131st street and 7th avenue.


​Times Square was busy with the latest cinema hologram movies on the massive screens; the screens was full of the hustle and bustle of activity. Then seconds later, Richard and Sylvia saw three hundred aliens holding onto their laser guns. And the fight over New York City had begun.


​The female alien stared at the humans. "Take them to the!​". She had grey hair that was pulled back; she had black eyes, and was wearing a purple gown. She glided towards Richard and Sylvia in her silvery shoes. On her right, middle, finger was a purple ring; her left finger was nothing. "You two are fighters. My name is Anne. That's my human name; my alien name is too long to say". She gazed at them. Richard watched her. "Why are you invading Earth? We didn't bother your planet". Anne smiled. "Our planet is beyond the Solar System; beyond all of space and time". Sylvia shivered. She didn't want to be abducted by aliens; she didn't want to be going to an unknown planet somewhere in the darkness. She spoke. "You two will come with us. You'll speak our language, and assimilate into our society". Richard gasped with shock. "Why us?", he asked her. "Because you two are smart; you two are Chosen". Richard shook his head. He looked at Anne. "If we refuse?". Anne grinned. "You won't; you will be the ones who'll fight us. But, in the end, you serve us". And she glowed in a purple colour, and everything turned black. 


Richard and Sylvia saw a purple glow in the blue New York sky. They saw a blinding flash; then they were on board a huge spaceship...and taken towards a new future.

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